Too Much Is Too Much

June 8, 2011

Shifting through all the news stories this morning, and despite seeking something of noteworthy value, nothing seemed to turn up — nothing to beat weiner jokes.

Although the US and the world is quickly, and apparently without remorse, going to shit in a wire basket, the media is as full of shit as any nasty-eyed, two-faced Republican.

Doomsville beckons.

A depressing morning — I’ve some health problems that kept me in the night and I got up earlier than usual, flipping on the CBS loop-all-night-into-morning news program, which didn’t help my enraged nerve endings.
And when I got up, an ambulance with its flashing lights, idled near a house down the block — some poor sonofabitch was having some real-serious health shit.
All the news that makes one cry.
And the in-depth news online makes one want to scream — can’t do that as it would upset the neighbors.

In the on-going war area, US state department peoples want to hire private contractors to live, kill and maybe die in Iraq — Baghdad just won’t go away.
And just to the south of the US — Mexico is involved in a war beyond the scope of any foreign adventure or whatever, as it’s now been estimated 34,000 or 35,000 people have died in that country due to the ever-expanding narcotics conflict in less than five years.
And the drug gang-boys are using the latest equipment of choice: “narco tanks”!

On the climate change scene, a new study suggests the “rate of release of carbon into the atmosphere today is nearly 10 times as fast as during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), 55.9 million years ago” when the earth was hotter and there were mass extinctions.
Bad shit:

“Rather than the 20,000 years of the PETM which is long enough for ecological systems to adapt, carbon is now being released into the atmosphere at a rate 10 times faster,” said Kump. “It is possible that this is faster than ecosystems can adapt.”

And from the New Yorker on climate change:

Of course, it almost goes without saying at this point that the President’s potential opponents next November are all worse on the issue.
Tim Pawlenty, who, as governor of Minnesota, took some commendable actions on climate change, has now renounced them, saying that everyone “has got some clunkers in their record.”
Much the same holds for the former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, minus the commendable actions. National Journal has summed up the situation this way:
“The GOP is stampeding toward an absolutist rejection of climate science that appears unmatched among major political parties around the globe.”

Are all GOP people assholes?

And on the financial front, the news is not only bad, but shit-crazy ugly.
Employment, or really the lack of employment is the major factor here, or so it seems.
From the New York Post yesterday:

Despite the fact that the economy is clearly slowing, the department this year added 206,000 phony jobs to May; last year’s guess was “just” 192,000.
And those 192,000 jobs had to eventually be taken out of the annual calculation.
So, bottom line: The economy is in bad shape even before talk of possible budget cuts and debt ceilings disrupt it even more.
Congress and the president long ago abdicated their role in helping the economy.
The federal budget deficits, created over the decades, that elected officials of both parties have neutered the government’s ability to spend its way out of this recession.

Dawn now here in northern California, the sky clear and a star can be seen far to the east.
Hard to imagine with the air soft and quiet that the good, old earth is poised on the precipice of disaster.

Have a good hump day — with or without a weiner.

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