June 15, 2011

The real bullshit started here:

“This is the operative statement. The others are inoperative.”
Ron Ziegler, April 17, 1973

Of course, Ziegler went on to construct one of the more infamous of the Watergate era bullshit phrases in a continual failing attempt to replace a bald-face lie with a decent way out for his boss, Dick Nixon — “The President misspoke himself”

Now after nearly four decades the ability to bullshit politically has grown to an art form as one can now just use a variation of Ziegler’s original and kill the whole lie with more bullshit as in the use of something like this: “…his remark was not intended to be a factual statement…” then fill in the blanks.

(Illustration found here).

The bullshit in DC is getting so deep a new language has emerged to fend off the reality of truth.
Aljazeera English has a US MSM dictionary to aid in sorting out chicken shit from bull shit starting with the ‘A’:

academic. adj. Man in bow-tie. Usually represents think-tank or university. Explains the science behind global warming and/or new CERN project while anchor nods pretending to understand.
accident. n. Airstrike in Afghanistan by NATO/ISAF forces usually killing scores of men, women and children.
accountability. n. The thing our leaders demand of the bad guys.
ad lib. v. The “eerrrrmm…”, “errrr”, “well, let’s take a look at errr…wait…err…”, “let’s bring you up to speed now with the ummmm, latest, and errr, join errrr…” that is often heard from usually articulate news anchor in a breaking news situation.
admission. n. Occurs usually one week after the first pictures of the politician’s sensitive anatomical part appears on the internet, three days after first stringent denial.
airstrike. n. See accident.
alive. adj. Not newsworthy. See dead.
allegation. n. The absolute truth, until the other guy responds in the next bulletin.
alleviate. v. tr. Often used by the UN secretary-general. Usually sandwiched between “aim to” and “poverty”.

Arabic. n. Language heard during news report’s first five seconds of natural sound, usually shouted by bearded men in a fiery collective exclamation of ALLAHU-AKBAR, followed by loud blast, then reporter’s voice and the rest of the news report follows. Recently heard in Benghazi.
arrest. v. tr. Archaic form of dealing with terrorists, superseded by airstrike.
atrocity. n. Act of mass murder. Only Arab, Asian, African and Balkan leaders capable. See genocide.

Just words, spoken real fast with a wink and a nod — rinse and repeat.

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