Climate for Crazies

August 19, 2011

Even as quick downloads of extreme weather have become the ‘new normal‘ in the US — baseball-size hail yesterday in Nebraska, and drought conditions have spread to 12 percent of the country — and even as more reports come about global warming, any kind of fix is near-about impossible.

A major problem is the blow-hole GOP – climate zombies — who lie out their ass concerning evidence on this massive problem facing everybody.
And with weather-shocking record fiscal results: A new report from the National Climatic Data Center shows that in 2011 alone, there have been nine U.S. weather-related disasters that have each caused more than $1 billion in damages. The report estimates these disasters have cost the U.S. $35 billion so far this year. And we’ve still got four months left to go.

(Illustration found here).

And even as the NOAA reports the world has been hot, is hot and is getting hotter still.
From Climate Central:

Abnormally warm conditions in much of the United States, Northern Europe, Western and Eastern Russia, and parts of the Arctic helped propel July 2011 to the seventh-warmest July on record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported yesterday.
This makes July the 317th month in a row that global average surface temperatures were above normal.
The year-to-date is now the 11th warmest period on average.
In the U.S., July was the fourth-warmest such month on record, with long-lasting heat waves affecting nearly all areas east of the Rocky Mountains.
Along the West Coast, however, conditions were cooler-than-average.
The heat toppled thousands of records (see our interactive data explorer for details on record warm overnight temperatures), and Oklahoma set a particularly notable record, showing the highest-ever statewide average monthly temperature for any month in any state in the US since instrument records began in 1895.

And warm sea waters:

In the Arctic, the sea ice melt season is entering its final stretch before the Sun sinks lower on the horizon and cooler air arrives once again.
According to data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center, the average Arctic sea ice extent during July was the smallest since satellite monitoring began in 1979, at 21.6 percent below average.

And even the earth’s lesser animals are on the quickening move.
From AFP via Raw Story:

Climate change appears to be forcing many of the world’s creatures to migrate to more favorable locales up to three times faster than previously believed, a study said Thursday.

“These changes are equivalent to animals and plants shifting away from the equator at around 20 centimeters per hour, for every hour of the day, for every day of the year,” said project leader Chris Thomas, biology professor at the University of York.
“This has been going on for the last 40 years and is set to continue for at least the rest of this century.”
The study, which appears in the journal Science, was described by York ecology professor and co-author Jane Hill as “a summary of the state of world knowledge about how the ranges of species are responding to climate change.
“Our analysis shows that rates of response to climate change are two or three times faster than previously realized,” she said.

One must remember that a major stroke-turn of climate change the last few years appears to respond to that horrible disclaimer from science reports on the effects: “…faster than previously realized…”
Climate change is here with the worse of it coming pronto!

Yet the shit-slinging assholes of the right are not helping — bullshit spreads.
Listen to a moron  hard enough and long enough…Meanwhile, skepticism about global warming is growing among Americans. A recent Gallup poll found that just 50 percent of respondents think global warming is caused by human activities, down from 61 percent in 2003.

The nit-twit GOP people running for president are a dangerous, amoral lot.
However, they really don’t give a shit about climate change because it’s not at the high of politics — Rick Perry’s fine-tuned ignorance won’t matter because the GOP believes the public don’t give a shit either.
From Politico: Still, Republican campaign veterans shrug off the distinction on climate science as a third-tier issue that will be quickly overshadowed as the candidates engage on topics like the economy and how to balance spending cuts and entitlement programs. “People will tell you it matters,” said Doug Holtz-Eakin, a former top economic adviser during John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid. “It doesn’t.”

Read a real-good wrap-up/view of these dumb-ass Republicans at the UN blog, where the lede says it all: The GOP presidential candidates worry me.

They should worry everybody.

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