Roll-Up a Fatty

September 3, 2011

Nice to see events carry a note of ‘all’s well, that ends well,‘ plus stages a solid demonstration of like-people taking quick advantage of a given situation.
Via Raw Story:

A truck carrying a large quantity of marijuana wrecked in San Jose earlier this week, scattering its cargo across a roadway and creating a feeding frenzy as drivers passing by scrambled to collect as much as possible.
After the wreck, which San Jose police say took place near Oakridge Mall at around1 a.m. on Wednesday, the driver immediately fled.
Once police arrived on the scene, very little marijuana was left. They reportedly found a handgun in the truck.
Authorities are still searching for the suspect and the drivers who took the marijuana, but they admit to having no suspect descriptions.

Meanwhile, some crazy shit ensued.
From the BBC:

Three office employees in the Canadian city of Victoria fell ill after a colleague unwittingly gave them chocolate brownies laced with cannabis.
Police were investigating a possible case of poisoning at the workplace after the three were taken to hospital feeling dizzy and disorientated.
The woman who brought in the cakes said she simply found them in her freezer.
But her son later admitted to police he had baked the cannabis cakes some time ago and forgotten about them.
Canadian media reports said police decided not to press charges because there had been no criminal intent.
But the son is expected to be ordered to take part in community work, said the Vancouver Sun.
All three affected colleagues were released from hospital after a few hours.

The boy obviously ate one of them cakes, then in the matter and manner of due course, had just simply fogotten about them.
No brainer.

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