Enhanced Lying

September 6, 2011

In the wake of the more-recent events in Libya, the world wants to know much-more about the US CIA’s nefarious so-called ‘rendition‘ program, which led to all those “black sites” in at least seven countries where “enhanced interrogation” took place — people were kidnapped off city streets, take to secret prisons and tortured.
An operation created and conducted by US officials in the name of all US peoples.

(Illustration found here).

Before the revolt, Libya under Muammar Gaddafi was a favorite by the CIA (and the UK’s M16) to outsource torture.
From Patrick Cockburn in The Independent:

Here is an account by a Libyan, who did not want to disclose his name, of what it was like to be tortured by Libyan security.
He says: “I was blindfolded and taken upstairs. I was shocked with electricity and made to sit on broken glass. They were kicking and punching me until I confessed. I said ‘No’.”
This went on for over a week.
One day the interrogators tied his hands behind his back and took him upstairs.
He continues: “They opened the door and I saw my son and wife. There were five or six members of security with masks. They tied me to a chair and one of them said: ‘Do you want to sign or should we torture them?'”
According to the prisoner one of the interrogators took his 10-month-old son and put a wire on his hand and “he screamed and his face turned red.”
The little boy appeared to stop breathing.
Soon afterwards the prisoner signed the confession demanded by Libyan security.
The testimony about the baby’s torture in front of his father was recorded by Human Rights Watch in Tripoli in 2005.
The same year the UK signed a Memorandum of Understanding accepting Libyan diplomatic assurances that torture would not be used against Libyan exiles repatriated from the UK to Libya.
Few documents agreed to by a British government exude so much hypocrisy and cynicism.

These torture prisons were all over — Poland, Romania and Lithuania were among at least seven countries were the CIA’s horror camps were conducted and although the CIA has acknowledged the rendition program, there’s been no details or any information at all about them.

This ugly mess has come to recent light — it’s been batted about for years — due to the situation of Abdelhakim Belhaj, a former prisoner who is now the rebel security chief of Tripoli, the Libyan capital, after rebels took the city.
Belhaj, who fought with the Taliban in 2001 and was considered a suspect in the massive, all-reaching ‘war on terror,” was arrested in Thailand after being duped into thinking he was getting asylum to the UK and taken to Libya, where British and US intelligence officials knew he was being tortured.
Once again, The Independent:

Mr Belhaj, who was released from prison under an amnesty by the regime earlier this year, said yesterday: “My wife is still badly affected by what happened, even after all these years.
It was very frightening for her.
I am angry that the asylum application was used in this way.
I thought Britain was a place where human rights were respected.
I thought it was a place I could go to be safe.
Instead, they used this to trap me.
“Britain, America, they demand that other countries follow laws on human rights.
But I want to know, are there intelligence people above the law?
Can they do whatever they like with people’s lives?
I am waiting for legal advice on whether I can sue the British Government.
But these are the questions I would like to have answers to.”

The issue raises deep and disturbing questions about the morality and ethics of the West.
Nato bombed Libya for six months supposedly to free its people from the tyranny of Colonel Gaddafi.
But the documents found strewn in the abandoned ministries of the regime are grim testimony to how the same countries were eager to get information extracted under extreme brutality by the dictator’s henchmen.
“There was a queue of people here to see me,” Mr Belhaj said.
“The Americans were first then the British, they knew what was going on.
France, Germany, Italy, Spain.
They all came with questions.
They all dealt with Gaddafi.”

And George Jr. and The Dick claim it was all moral, ethical and legal.
Sept. 11, 2001, unleashed a decade of horror and the vast majority of it caused by those two assholes.
And to make it even worse in pouring a spotlight on the ugly, is the most-monstrous disappointment of Barack Obama, who not only has failed to bring justice to the US, but has kind of picked up where George Jr. left off, or maybe even has taken it a bit further.
Obama may not be the worse president ever, but he’s the biggest let down in US history — he had the greatest chance. but blew it in so many different aspects.
What if Abe blew it in the 1860s, or FDR in the 1930s?
Bad shit would have been worse.

Noam Chomsky adds his most-intelligent 2-cents worth:

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the horrendous atrocities of Sept. 11, 2001, which, it is commonly held, changed the world.
The impact of the attacks is not in doubt.
Just keeping to western and central Asia: Afghanistan is barely surviving, Iraq has been devastated and Pakistan is edging closer to a disaster that could be catastrophic.

One of the leading specialists on Pakistan, British military historian Anatol Lieven, wrote in The National Interest in February that the war in Afghanistan is “destabilizing and radicalizing Pakistan, risking a geopolitical catastrophe for the United States — and the world — which would dwarf anything that could possibly occur in Afghanistan.”
At every level of society, Lieven writes, Pakistanis overwhelmingly sympathize with the Afghan Taliban, not because they like them but because “the Taliban are seen as a legitimate force of resistance against an alien occupation of the country,” much as the Afghan mujahedeen were perceived when they resisted the Russian occupation in the 1980s.

Lieven summarizes: “U.S. and British soldiers are in effect dying in Afghanistan in order to make the world more dangerous for American and British peoples.”

The real celebration of 9/11.

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