Imbecilic Liar

November 9, 2011

“Simply, just did not happen.”
— Herman Cain, yesterday

(Illustration found here).

Yes, indeed — just as simple as that.
In a nutcase presser late Tuesday afternoon, Cain mouthed on and on about the simplicity of the whole nasty sexual harassment bullshit as being beyond a giant lie, re-blubbering what he’d blubbered on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night: “The feelings that you have when you know that all of this is totally fabricated: You go from anger, then you get disgusted,” he told Kimmel. “There’s not an ounce of truth in all of these accusations.”
On Tuesday, with all the evidence pouring like a open faucet, Cain stuck to the simple lie.

Simple, however, ain’t gonna cut it.
Late yesterday, another story, one The Dish called a “whole bunch of creepy,” though no sexual harassment was presented.
From the Washington Examiner and a story of repulsive-like feelings felt amongst females in the sense-presence of  a sexual predator, and this telling afternote:

Cain exhibited no inappropriate sexual behavior during the dinner, though he did order two $400 bottles of wine and stuck the women with the bill, she said.
The next time the women heard from Cain was Christmas, when he sent them his gospel CD.

Read the whole piece at the Examiner, it is creepy.

Cain can not just simply walk away from this shit.
And on top of the sex, there’s the female tax problem.
Clarence Page at the Chicago Tribune:

Whichever way Cain’s sexual harassment headache winds up, it takes attention away from his other big “woman problem”: His tax plan would cost working women more overall than it would cost their male counterparts.

But an analysis by the Tax Policy Center, a joint venture of the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution, finds two big problems.
One, it wouldn’t raise as much revenue as the current system, despite its claim that it would be “revenue neutral.”
And, two, it would result in a big tax cut for high-earning Americans and a big tax increase for everyone else.

That could have a particularly painful impact on women, since Cain’s proposal would eliminate the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.
Both offer tax breaks to lower-income earners who tend to be female.
Yet, Cain argues that his bean counters are right and that those at the Washington-based think tank are wrong.
Besides, he points out, 9-9-9 is just a proposal and “we can always tweak it.”
But, tweaked or not, your initial proposal shows how much regard you have for fairness in your overall fiscal policy.

Not looking good, Herman.
Well, one must remember, before/after all this sexual shit, Cain is still an idiot.
Reason takes a look:

There’s a lot that Cain doesn’t appear to know, or care to know.
He famously bragged about not knowing the name of the president of “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan.” (To be sure, I would have to look up the name of the country’s president too; but I’m not a foreign policy wonk, and I’m not running for president.)
Cain then went on to call for an end to “foggy foreign policy” in a speech last Friday, and declared that his own foreign policy was an “extension of the Reagan philosophy” that he described as “peace through strength and clarity.”
How much clarity can there really be if you dismiss the need to know even basic details about a country of substantial strategic importance to American trade?
It’s not just foreign policy that confuses Cain either.
Cain deferred questions about his own signature economic plan to a policy adviser at an American Enterprise Institute event on Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan and a National Press Club Event last week.
Indeed, Cain seems to have frequent trouble figuring out exactly what he does and doesn’t know, even on issues that are presumably chewing up large amounts of his time and attention.
When the first details of the sexual harassment scandal broke last week, reports surfaced indicating that the National Restaurant Association, where he was president during the time the incidents were alleged to have taken place, had ended a complaint with a cash settlement.
Cain denied knowing about a settlement a first, but later changed his story and said that he did know about a settlement.
And then, in response to accusations that he changed his story, Cain declared that, well, he didn’t change his story.
On the other hand, he’s the only GOP candidate I’ve heard sing at a press conference.

Apparently, the GOP is so against Mitt Romney that it’ll take a complete loser like Cain, hook-line-and-sinker without a question.
The US political system is so off-kanker it’s near hilarious, if there’s any room for funny.
The world has not-so-suddenly become very dangerous, and it ain’t terror, it’s the natural process of so many incompetent, arrogant and foolish policy moves in the last couple of decades coming to their logical, horrifying end.
Not to even consider the entire climate change scenario — the biggest threat on the planet by far, though, some think it will simply just go away.
Cane the Cains — Herman claims he’s victim of a conspiracy.

That’s just simply too bonkers.

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