State of Dysfunction

January 23, 2012

Subject to be most discussed this morning here in northern California — the 49ers loss yesterday to the New York Giants.
Personally, I don’t give a fat-rat’s-ass, but this from fumble-bum Kyle Williams typified a lot of shit: “Everyone in here told me to keep my head up and it’s not on me,” said Williams, whose fumbles led to New York’s final 10 points. “We’ll move forward.”

Don’t blame me — let’s just move on.

(Illustration found here).

And on Tuesday night, President Obama makes his annual state-of-the-union speech, his third, with the same feel as fumbler Williams — mistakes have been made, but don’t blame me and let’s just move forward.
According to Bloomberg, Obama’s big punch will be against the current Congress (a group considered the worse in US history):

“The speech will merge what he wants to say in the campaign with what he wants to do.
He’s going to be, as Truman did, attacking Congress as the ‘do nothing Congress,’ and certainly it’s total dysfunctional,” said James Thurber, presidential historian at American University in Washington.
House Speaker John Boehner signaled Sunday that he’s ready for the fight.
“If that’s what the president is going to talk about Tuesday night, I think it’s pathetic,” the Ohio Republican said yesterday on Fox News Sunday.

The Boner should be afraid of anything pathetic.

In polling last month, this particular Congress is disliked by an average of about 85 percent of US peoples — there is most-likely not another group of people as useless as this particular group of shitheads.
And it could get worse.

The US state of the union in 2012 ain’t pretty.

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