February 8, 2012

Morning horror: Woke up way-too early to fully handle the CNN headline: Santorum’s Surprise 3-State Sweep.
The eyes saw, but didn’t understand/believe — the most-immediate reaction was to quickly suppress blowing huge, gnarly chunks all over the Internets.
Clueless ass-wipe Santorum incoherently declared: “I think we need to win in the sense that we need to perform very well,” he told CNN’s John King earlier Tuesday.

One thing is clear, though — the Republican party is shredded, without direction and without any basic political soul or direction.
Newt is a horror, but Santorum is an entire slasher movie — This from the same ass-face that proclaimed in December an end to the food stamp program: “If hunger is a problem in America, then why do we have an obesity problem among the people who we say have a hunger program?”
(Illustration found here).

Mitt Romney is in deep shit — he finished behind Happy Rick in Missouri and Colorado, but ended up third in Minnesota, behind Ron Paul.
Low voter turnout in those states, however, really displays the real GOP predicament  for the immediate future and signaled possible dissatisfaction among Republican voters with the candidates.
Understatement there, I think.

From the outset last summer the GOP has been running scared from one dip-shit to another — first Michele Bachmann, then Texas shit-kicker Rick Perry, shifting then to pizza ladies man Herman Cain, a few seconds later, on to pious historian and serial-husband Newt Gingrich, and after all else fails, once again, scatterbrained, stutter-head Santorum.
The LA Times termed the upended race as Santorumania — but bad news overall: The overall beneficiary: President Obama. The Republican campaign, a festival of negative campaigning, has made all the GOP candidates look worse.

And NPR added correctly: And for the moment, at least, that movement has another cause and a new hero in Rick Santorum. Take him seriously now, because he will be around for a while. Just don’t expect to see the party nominate him in Tampa.

In an age of much dangerous shit floating around, from climate change to Iran to the debt crap in the Eurozone, there’s a fright  that the mass of US peoples would even consider putting anyone on the GOP’s short, ugly list in the White House.
The horror show would then really pull the curtain closed and we’d have one terrible nightmare.

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