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February 13, 2012

funnyThere’s something way-perverted here — happiness is a warm gun.

Best. Parent. Ever. Tommy Jordan for president.
That’s the response Jordan is getting from tens of thousands of people on the Internet after a YouTube video featuring the North Carolina dad shooting up his 15-year-old daughter’s laptop with a .45 went viral this week.

Sure, there’s a shitload of frustration out there, but dude WTF  — that freakin’ laptop ain’t the problem.

(Illustration found here).

As a single parent who raised five kids — four them daughters — the whole scene is demanding, but at least one parent has to be an adult.
And one don’t need to be a gun-slinging asshole to make a point.

This crazed frustration is also warming up the workplace — even on the eve of heart-love day.
Economics and the sense of either drowning or maybe just treading water in a most-unequal financial situation could lead to all kinds of bad shit:

A tight job market, combined with stagnant wages and less upward mobility can leave workers feeling frustrated.
In this environment, animosity between coworkers stemming from personality conflicts, differing work styles, or competition can be amplified, resulting in a wide variety of workplace problems, from lost productivity to increased and open hostility, according to the workplace experts at global outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.
“It is no secret that as the economy continues to recover from a deep recession many workplaces are understaffed and overworked.
“With the pace of hiring still relatively slow, a lot of workers feel stuck and may be more sensitive to the negative aspects of their jobs,” said John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas.
“It might be a stretch to call workplaces a ‘powder keg,’ but managers should be on the lookout for signs of worker hostility and be prepared to act.
Often in situations where managers are aware of a problem between two or more coworkers, they merely look the other way, letting the employees work it out amongst themselves.
This may work in some situations, but in others, this hands-off approach can have disastrous results,” said Challenger.

One just needs to chill the f*ck out.

And some phoney frustration, and a lot of drama-queen anger will be coming quick today from Republicans as President Obama unveils his 2013 federal budget, a big cha-chang will be an aim to tax the wealthy, making the rich pay their “far share,” however: But given the intense acrimony in Washington, especially on budget issues, few provisions in the document are likely to ever become law.
Especially upsetting the rich — the GOP won’t have it.

So says nasty-tongued US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on TV yesterday — McConnell is so full of himself, he’ll introduce the budget bill himself:

“I offered President Obama’s budget, since the Democrats didn’t seem to want to develop their own budget and didn’t want to vote for his. His budget was defeated 97 to nothing,” McConnell said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“Senate Democrats haven’t passed a budget in a thousand days, even though the law requires it,” said McConnell.

Mainly because Republicans say NO to everything that comes from anywhere near Obama.
And it’s all dumb, as witnessed by a speech this weekend by pollster Scott Rasmussen at the GOP CPAC crazy show, who told the knotty crowd they’re way too nasty.
From Dana Milbank at the Washington Post:

Rasmussen had put his finger on a major problem for Republicans in 2012, and conservatives in particular:
At a time when the national mood has begun to improve, they remain nattering nabobs of negativism.
At CPAC, any hint of a “positive step” was buried in vitriol.

And Paul Krugman in his post this morning at at the New York Times says about the same thing, but calling the GOP problem as ‘Severe Conservative Syndrome.’
The money bit:

How did American conservatism end up so detached from, indeed at odds with, facts and rationality?
For it was not always thus.
After all, that health reform Mr. Romney wants us to forget followed a blueprint originally laid out at the Heritage Foundation!
My short answer is that the long-running con game of economic conservatives and the wealthy supporters they serve finally went bad.
For decades the G.O.P. has won elections by appealing to social and racial divisions, only to turn after each victory to deregulation and tax cuts for the wealthy — a process that reached its epitome when George W. Bush won re-election by posing as America’s defender against gay married terrorists, then announced that he had a mandate to privatize Social Security.

When one has a mean spirit, it’s hard to soften the edges.

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