Weather What?

February 16, 2012

Old age don’t excuse.
Seagrass that spans 2,000 miles of the Mediterranean Sea, considered the earth’s oldest living thing and supports “marine ecosystems that rank among the most valuable on earth in terms of biodiversity and productioncould be dying due to our deteriorating environment: “The seagrass in the Mediterranean is already in clear decline due to shoreline construction and declining water quality and this decline has been exacerbated by climate change,” Professor Carlos Duarte, a member of the research team, told The Daily Telegraph. “If climate change continues, the outlook for this species is very bad.”
Another fly in the ointment, but ‘this species‘ could just as well be mankind.

And the real-real-big problem (beyond the horror of the environment)?
Greedy assholes, that’s what.
From the abstract of a study at Climate Change: Weather extremes have no effect on aggregate public opinion. Promulgation of scientific information to the public on climate change has a minimal effect. The implication would seem to be that information-based science advocacy has had only a minor effect on public concern, while political mobilization by elites and advocacy groups is critical in influencing climate change concern.
Species destruction by a extremely-small group of that species.
(Illustration found here).

A lot of people have sold their physical souls — and the physical souls of their childlren and grandchildren — all for chunks of cash to fight the wall of evidence and deny mankind has/is creating global warming.
Despite the literal nose on the face of a Texas drought, climate-change deniers are doing more than just creating confusion for the unwashed, nearly-dumb-ass masses who really don’t understand except what blurts off the TV, but hindering/way-slowing any action that could attack this most-likely the greatest threat facing humanity in all of world history.
I shit thee not.

DeSmogBlog has obtained a trove of horrible documents from the Heartland Institute, a massive climate denying operation that spews toxic bullshit at the highest pollution levels.
The documents show how this one lying organization raises funds — has one big anonymous donor that gives millions — plans strategy and works its nefarious magic on various talking points.
From a January 2012 memo:

“We will also pursue additional support from the Charles G. Koch Foundation.
They returned as a Heartland donor in 2011 with a contribution of $200,000.
We expect to push up their level of support in 2012 and gain access to their network of philanthropists, if our focus continues to align with their interests.
Other contributions will be pursued for this work, especially from corporations whose interests are threatened by climate policies.”

Underline my emphasis — these clowns are doing to climate science what they’re also doing to the US political system via Citizens United.
And a post at Climate Central on the Heartland bullshit and this unknown donor-asshole:

The co-ordinated effort to undermine the teaching of climate science in U.S. classrooms has been noted before, but this still takes the breath away.
Let’s just repeat that sentence so it can be fully digested: “His effort will focus on providing curriculum that shows that the topic of climate change is controversial and uncertain — two key points that are effective at dissuading teachers from teaching science.”
So, we have an anonymous millionaire donor — whose agenda and/or vested interest we know not — funding an effort to discredit the teaching of climate science in schools?
How can that ever be justified or considered democratic, let alone judged to be in the pupils’ best interests?

Of course, who cares about any best interests?

The Heartland Institute bullshit has created a energetic firestorm on the InterWebs — read through a list at just about all the important climate sites, and some newsie ones, too.
Up here on the northern coast of California the early morning is cold and overcast with a little rain predicted for today — whether we can weather the weather is not the question.
What the weather will do next?

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