Return of the Scribe

August 5, 2012

Quiet this morning up here along California’s northern coast with the sun trying in vain to slither through an Old Testament-looking sky, featuring epic clouds and small patches of clear blue way up yonder.
A condition which gives the air a kind of golden hue.

This marks the return of daily blogging — not only did I not post anything new, but I didn’t even visit my site at all, though, every day I went online to keep up with current news and commentary.
This is the longest time by far I’ve haven’t blogged — since the creation in April 2007 of this most-wonderful Compatible Creatures — and more than two years without at least one week-day post.

Life continues on, however, in its horrifying, bullshit way, even with professional lip service: “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”
Yes, indeed, truth speaks to politics.

(Illustration found here).

The reason for the absence was the week-long visit of my younger brother (by three years), whom I haven’t seen in nearly three decades — and the stay was most-warm and comfortable.
Although he wouldn’t use the word ‘warm‘ — he’s from south-central Alabama, where not only the weather is shitty, but the powers-that-be are shitty, too (re: Jeff Sessions).
My brother marveled all the time about how wonderful the cool temperatures — the temperature in Montgomery this morning is 81-degrees without any wind and a ton of humidity.
Here on California’s fog-bank north coast it’s 59-degrees without any sweat.
Central Alabama is on the fringe somewhat of the bad drought conditions effecting central Georgia, heating across the eastern part of the state and blowing hot-ass wind across my brother’s habitat, and that ain’t cool.

Anyway, the visit went splendid.
We spent a lot of time reminiscing about the past, relatives and what-not, and made arrangements to not let nearly 30 freakin’ years pass before we see each other again.
Although, we and everybody on the planet don’t got no 30 years left.

And that’s for more blogging — I’m back!

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