Bowel Blast

August 28, 2012

Nothing more than nauseating — the opening live round of the RNC in Tampa is enough to make any historical sane person blow huge, bulbus chunks.

After trying to watch live feed from CBS and CNN, I just couldn’t stomach these ignorant assholes floating around in their own waste — what a shame for US peoples to have to put up with the GOP’s hateful bullshit while terror is striking at the hearts of folks in Louisiana where Hurricane Isaac has made landfall.
Scenes right out of some disjointed, nightmarish Fellini movie.

A prime example of the lie twisted into a prevarication came from Ann Romney via Daily Kos live thread of the convention: “Mitt Romney was not handed success. He built it.”
Actually, it’s a lie followed by a false statement.

Leave it up to our most-wonderful Wonkette, also live blogging the infestation, to rightly report the sewage flow — a view of little Ricky Santorum’s pie-hole words:

9:20 — Look, it’s Rick Santorum! [smoke break]
9:22 — Santorum’s son can’t be there because he’s starting at the Citadel, chasing one of the .1 females on campus with a spiked club. We’re proud of you, son!
9:23 — Poor mothers don’t get married because of welfare, we must end welfare, etc.
9:26 — Somehow he transitioned from that to President Obama “waiving the work requirement” for welfare! Zimzamzoom, those segues go. When President Obama is waiving laws, “we can no longer be a Republic.” We thought Kelly Ayotte bragging about how her husband quit his commercial pilot track to bomb people in Iraq and then sell lemonade or whatever was the worst speech of the night, but now here’s Weird Rick!
9:28 — Santorum is talking about all the hands he’s shaken. Man hands, lady hands, war hands, small business hands, sad hands, happy hands, “hands growing weary of not finding” a job, “little broken hands of the disabled” (no seriously), hands that give us joy, black hands, white hands, space hands, hands hands hands — he’s just a handsie kinda guy!
9:32 — Hands across the water, hands across the sky.
9:34 — Well Rick Santorum is still the biggest shitsack in the lower 48, glad to know that. And here’s the new GOP white Mexican of the hour, Ted Cruz!

And on and on — can’t get enough.
Yes, I can.

And I hope there’s no vomit in my dreams tonight: The retching sensation of vomiting in a dream often indicates that one needs to discard and eject from one’s life something that is revolting to the person.
Politics as a whole, and Republicans in particular — maybe a intestinal purge would help.

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