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October 22, 2012

Rain and deep darkness this morning on California’s northern coast, lending a sense of apprehension to this the beginning of a new work-week, and an acute awareness of something big is a-foot.
Earthquakes, maybe — we had a 3.5 yesterday afternoon just 10 miles south of where I now sit on my ass, but alas I was involved in nap time then and missed it –my daughter said she seriously felt it.
Meanwhile, down south on Saturday, a 5.3 jolted the Central Coast, about 90 miles south of San Jose, and although nothing serious was reported off it, a shaker that size can rattle some shit.

And tonight, a political deep-disturbance is forewarned to take place in Boca Raton, Florida, where President Obama and Mitt Romney will square-off in the third shaker/debate ‘twixt the two — bullshit talks and walks via a Richter-scale .

(Illustration found here).

This last debate between Obama and Romney will specifically concern national security — a slot Romney knows nothing about, but will run his mouth anyway.
And this crazy election has boiled down to a nub — via UK’s Guardian:

In a sign of the intensity of the campaign in the final fortnight, after Monday’s third and final presidential debate, Obama is to travel to six swing states and his hometown, Chicago, in 48 hours.
The president, who normally returns to Washington overnight, is to sleep aboard Air Force One to save time for campaigning and will also make election calls while the plane is in the air.
A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows that after trailing Obama all year, Romney is now tied with him on 47 percent of the likely vote.
The last WSJ/NBC poll, taken before the first presidential debate in which Romney dominated the president, had Obama ahead by 49 percent to 46 percent.

In a shock (to me anyway) this election cycle proves the way-worth of lying and/or bullshitting about all kinds of crap, or just pulling stuff out of context and repeating despite all evidence to the contrary — Romney has set the standard way low.
Tonight, the focus will be on the debacle that’s become Afghanistan (neither Obama or Romney have spoken about it); the nightmare hellhole now bubbling in Syria; problems with Russia; and Romney’s big-mouth stick of the arising China menace, and onward.
Shit outside the US in other words, a world of which Romney knows all to well — he visited three countries overseas last summer and pissed off everybody everywhere.
Obama jested about that fact this past weekend: “World affairs are a challenge for every candidate,” Obama said at the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner in New York. “Some of you guys remember, after my foreign trip in 2008, I was attacked as a celebrity because I was so popular with our allies overseas. And I have to say, I’m impressed with how well Governor Romney has avoided that problem.”

Obama can’t be in good of a humor — he’s got his ass in a crack.
Prior to that first debate Oct. 3, Obama was riding a high-road, ahead in the polls and moving easily on down the road, but he f*cked that one up so badly, the rug’s been shifted out from under him.
Hard to believe such an obvious lying asshole as Romney can be this close to the president, even with an oily prick like Paul Ryan as a running sidekick, the GOP card has moved within striking distance.
A lot of it is the media — I think they took way-too-long pushing back against Romney’s bullshit.
And it’s all bullshit, but apparently some of it is sticking to those low-information, data-free voters.

In a mirror of today’s political climate, another debate was held last night, a debate as it should be during Jon Stewarts’ ‘s autism benefit, “The Night of Too Many Stars.”
The show highlighted MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly squaring off against each other only after inhaling helium from balloons.
See the video at the above link.

Maybe Obama and Romney should try that approach — sure as shit wouldn’t hurt.

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