February 6, 2013

A way-frustrating morning.

A couple of weeks ago my six-month-old Gateway laptop was stolen and I found a used Dell on Craigslist, but the sonofabitch has developed some asshole problems.
Now it won’t start — the shitbucket sends the thing through a cycle of supposedly clean-up procedures and ends up into nothingness.
On top of that, Firefox won’t open, and I can’t delete it and download a new one, so I’ve had to use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which is the biggest piece of shit this side of the NRA.
How can any sane person work this crap?

Completing any serious work via this IE device is so, so, discouraging, a full-blown baffler.
And a pure pain in the ass.
From ZDNet last Friday (the asshole won’t link):

As for Internet Explorer, its market share had plunged from 59.22 percent in February 2011 to 51.87 percent in December.
The gap between Chrome and IE had closed by 15 percentage points in only 10 months! It only had 30-odd points to go!
IE was in trouble.
It was carrying the combined weight of Silicon Valley and open source hatred, and even if some of those are idiots, mud tends to stick.
Further, the “browser choice” screens introduced in March 2010 at the behest of the European Union’s Department for Bashing Microsoft could persuade some users to try other browsers.
(Later, we learned that Microsoft had sometimes — whoops! — accidentally left browser ballots out.)
Even worse, Microsoft seemed to have shot itself in the foot by refusing to provide a “modern” browser to run on its horribly insecure, hopelessly outdated and yet still hugely popular Windows XP.
Of course, users could upgrade from IE6 (which was a very modern browser in 2001) to IE8, but that was still unable to handle full HTML5 or run JavaScript-bloated websites at speed.
(Not surprisingly, Google’s stuff runs best in Google’s browser.)

So frustrating, and the ‘F’ on the keyboard sticks.

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