Ludicrous Lottery Lunacy

August 7, 2013

(Illustration: Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The State Lottery‘ found here).

Time again fellow peoples for the nutcase absolute -nuttery of the big-bucks lottery — the multi-state Powerball has now topped $425 million and the delusional denizens will be swiping/jiving to the dreams of an idiot.
And the bullshit lying continues: “We’re seeing brisk sales for this one,” says Pennsylvania Lottery spokesman Gary Miller. “We’d love to see lightning strike twice.”
Freakin’ fuckin’ asshole!

In all my years, I’ve never, ever come across anything, and I do mean anything at all, so utterly foolish, so utterly depressing as the lottery — and I’ve been married, TWICE!
It is unethical and immoral and plies upon the rubes with more money than sense. There is no redeeming social undercurrent to the lottery — it is a near-invisible horror. If you don’t play, the whole scheme is outside of your sight, unless the dollar amounts reach asshole proportions and make the news, and the only ones aware are asshole morons.
You are a fucking nit-twit to drop any money on the scam.
From NBC in June on the lottery’s inexhaustible system:

Sadly, Powerball has an unlimited supply of tickets for fools with money, so that scenario doesn’t apply.
Lotteries have often been called a tax on the mathematically disinclined, so it’s no surprise that math logic can be in short supply when discussing lotteries.
After all, anyone using logic would take their investment in lottery tickets and put it to good use — betting on this weekend’s Belmont Stakes, for example.

If you read this blog on any basis, you know I manage a liquor store, where along with real products like booze and cigarettes, we also sell an unreal non-product — the lottery. The highest labor rate of any service we render, but with the way-lowest return. We make more off newspapers!
I can rant for hours on the horror of the lottery. A good post I did from last year on the horror can be found here. And a couple of snips from that explains the shit-stink:

Just about every crook of the curveball come through our doors every day, drinkers, smokers, tokers, and shitload of asshole jokers, but nothing, however, carries an unnatural feel to it, an oily, moisture-appeal to it, like the lottery.
And it’s way-way-really creepy — the kind of shit-thing Stephen King would cook up in a short story.
The process reminds me of an old Twilight Zone episode, To Serve Man™ in which humanity gets eaten its a cookbook!
People involved in the lottery are strange and creepy, very thin-skinned and easily provoked into displays of emotional outrage.
If you (or anyone you know) play the lottery or casino arabi on any kind of regular basis, you, or that person should go to a quiet place and think hard about how you think about stuff.
The lottery is probably the exact mirror of crime in plain sight.

Written during that crazed Mega Millions blowout when the jackpot was $540 million-plus.
Today will be another blowout, but no real money in the cash register. And when you go into a liquor store, convenience store, or where ever you frequent that handles the lottery, just remember that clerk behind the counter fucking hates — fucking hates! — having to deal with this horrible, ugly shit.

WTF! This is the era of delusion — dumb-asses.


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