News PM Punch — ‘The Missing Bullet’

November 15, 2013

newsmanSunshine with foggy vapors in the air this Friday afternoon on California’s north coast as we flip right into the weekend.
And now is the time for no talking to nobody.
As a worker in the retail industry, one gets sick and shitty-tired of people, and on these short, 48-hour intermissions, I don’t talk much to no body, except to my kids, or close friends on the phone — leave your shit with yourself. One does get overwhelmed with the public-in-mass as they’re a pathetic lot.

And a bit pathetic, too, is President Obama not grinning — he’s top-heavy on the news cycle and none of it good for ratings, good for nothing at best. He’s been catching shit all year, and at this point, I don’t think he’s capable of handling continuous scandal bubbles.
This afternoon, it’s his Secret Service people again. Apparently more dumb-ass activity.
White House Spokesman Jay Carney during a press briefing, said Obama had “absolute confidence in the leadership at the Secret Service…Issues that have arisen, including the visit to Colombia and other issues that arise, the president is confident they will be fully investigated and action where appropriate will be taken.”
The whole scenario won’t go away.
From the Washington Post this week:

Secret Service agents and managers have engaged in sexual misconduct and other improprieties across a span of 17 countries in recent years, according to accounts given by whistleblowers to the Senate committee that oversees the department.

The allegations come in the wake of a prostitution scandal last year in Cartagena, Colombia, that roiled the Secret Service and prompted numerous reviews of its male-dominated culture.
In a subsequent episode, The Washington Post reported this week, two supervisors were cut from President Obama’s security detail after allegedly sending sexually explicit e-mails to a female agent.
Johnson said that one of those disciplined supervisors, Ignacio Zamora Jr., had helped lead the internal investigation into the April 2012 incident in Cartagena, where more than a dozen agents engaged in a night of heavy drinking and carousing with prostitutes ahead of a presidential visit.

And then this shit (also the Post):

The case began when one of the men allegedly left a Secret Service bullet in the room of a woman he met at the Hay-Adams Hotel bar in May.

According to two former Secret Service agents, the answer is straightforward: Senior supervisor Ignacio Zamora Jr. was likely attempting to clear a round from the chamber of his Service-issued Sig Sauer P229 semiautomatic pistol in order to secure it after joining the woman in her room.

One person who was briefed on the details of the case confirmed that Zamora had been attempting to secure the weapon after the woman expressed discomfort with it.
She later asked him to leave, which he did before realizing he had left the bullet behind, the person said.
His attempt to retrieve it alarmed hotel management, which contacted the Secret Service.
A broader review of Zamora’s conduct found that he and another male supervisor had been sending improper e-mails to a female subordinate, leading to their removal from the protective detail.

The two former agents, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to speak freely, said that losing a single bullet would not have resulted in major recriminations inside the Secret Service.
They said managers did not account for each bullet issued to agents, who often have three or four boxes of ammunition.
However, if the bullet were found in the room and identified as coming from Zamora’s stash, it could raise difficult questions, the agents said.

And so Jay Carney will be trying to answer some difficult questions soon.
Obama’s days look rough ahead. And scandal bound — which reminds me I’ve still got last night’s “Scandal” to watch (on Hulu), and the sound of no one talking but those surrounding Olivia Pope.

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