Sarah’s Hoodwink — Again

July 29, 2014

sarah-palin_yeo-thumb1This past weekend, Sarah Palin supposedly launched her own online network, where for $9.55 a month (or $99.95 for a whole year) a subscriber can binge on Palin’s witless wit:

“I want to talk directly to you on our channel, on my terms — and no need to please the powers that be. Together, we’ll go beyond the sound bites and cut through the media’s politically correct filter.”

One wiseacre Tweet-retort: “To Sarah Palin ‘media filter’ means ‘facts.'”

In some respects, this crazy, gilded-techno age easily-allows such meatball-buffoons like Palin to prosper.

(Illustration found here).

One great horror John McCain inflicted upon the American public (beyond just being John McCain) was the introduction of Palin onto any-sized platform — although in the fall of 2008 anyone with any walking around sense quickly realized she was a fuckin’ idiot of a political grifter, Palin was taken serious enough for enough other idiots to create a shoot-’em-up reality: “Don’t retreat, instead- RELOAD!”

Alyssa Rosenberg in this afternoon’s Washington Post on Palin’s true TV intentions: A bland combination of relatively predictable red meat for her political base and relatively mundane home videos, the Sarah Palin Channel suggests that Palin still wants both reality television money and Republican Party influence.

Bat-shit crazy — and you better as-shit watch your wallet.

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