Water-Vote Yeah

October 26, 2014

d7dfe440-98af-11e3-a20a-4197883a2af2_calif-terra-nasa-2014Gorgeous Sunday afternoon here on California’s north coast — sunshine-warm with windows open.
What drought?

Ready on the mind for most Californians: ‘A new poll from the Public Policy Institute of California found that 62 percent of voters are following the drought very closely while only 18 percent are following the election very closely.’

Only three percent linked the drought to climate change, however.

(Illustration: NASA satellite image of California’s drought found here).

And with a drought-conscious public, the election week after next could allow the passage of Prop 1, or the Water Bond, a $7.12 billion bond to be used with multi-water projects like supply infrastructure, such as public water system improvements, surface and groundwater storage, all kinds of shit.
Read the PPI poll: ‘Majorities support the water bond (56 percent to 32 percent) as record-high shares say that their regional water supply is a big problem.’

And a natural side-effect of the drought is the black-bear malady:

The instances of bears raiding campgrounds and parking lots for human food are up by 35 percent from Jan. 1 to Oct. 19 compared to the same period last year — the second such increase during the state’s three consecutive dry years.
Officials say the heightened bear activity may be partly caused by the drought cutting the supply of berries and other natural bear food.

There’s a lot of bears around interior northern California communities, looking for food. The life of the parched.

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