State of the Change: Part Deux — Bitch Slap

January 21, 2015

obama-etch1Clear with lots of sunshine already this early Wednesday on California’s north coast — supposedly start to a short warming trend through next week.

Much-metaphorically-speaking, there was sunshine last night in DC as President Obama delivered an old-style State of the Union — dramatic comedy.

A Tweet via Daily Kos: ‘Senior Democratic Hill aide reacting to Obama’s speech: “Best I can remember seeing him in a non-campaign setting in a long, long time”

Obama indeed was on point, and in the mix of political hyperbole and bombast, there were some partisan bitch-slapping, too. And one notorious GOP burn on the littered path to 2016. Republicans shouldn’t responded like assholes — notes Ben Mathis Lilley at Slate:

But what actually happened was that after “I have no more campaigns to run” Republicans started clapping derisively.
And Obama responded with an ad-lib that will likely go down in State of the Union history.
“I know, because I won both of them.”
Dang. Dang, Obama.

The speech will get major play for a while, with a lot of GOP bullshit spewed forth on useless points of contention. A new change game of the same.

(Illustration above:  ‘President-elect Barack Obama,’ from December 2008, an Etch a Sketch by George Vlosich, found here).

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