‘Pineapple’ Precipitation

February 2, 2015

389Steady rain this early Monday on California’s north coast — been banging hard since the wee hours, and doesn’t seem to want to lessen up a bit.
Although one forecast calls this morning ‘cooler‘ than yesterday, the air definitely feels warmer.

Both US coasts are about to get weather-hammered — back east it’s an Arctic blow with blizzard conditions, and for us on the Left Coast, the Pineapple Express, in the words of  Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari, “a river of moisture in the atmosphere that basically originates around Hawaii, and it’s like a fully loaded Super Soaker that just unloads on California for a couple of days straight.”

We’re expected to get more than half-an-inch just today and tomorrow, the big pineapple at the end of the week, even more, and since this system is Hawaii bred, warmer temperatures.

And a bit south of us, down in the Bay Area, the coming storm is supposed to drop a load of rain, a twist to the negative-record for January (via SFGate):

The month ended with a sun-drenched bang Saturday, an apropos ending for what was the driest January on record in San Francisco.
Not one drop of measurable rain fell on city streets in January, the first time that’s happened in recorded weather history, which dates back to the Gold Rush.
Other Bay Area cities, including San Jose, saw at most two one-hundredths of an inch during the same time, which was probably just real heavy fog with a drizzle rather than real rain, said Jan Null, former lead meteorologist for the National Weather Service and a meteorology consultant.
“It certainly has been a memorable January,” Null said.

I don’t remember rain even up here last month — the whole time since the holidays, maybe before, the weather’s been mostly on the beautiful side with warm, sunshine afternoons.
Hence, the actuality: Welcome to the real world.”

(Illustration above: ‘Quiet Is My Companion,’ found here).

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