‘It was Cosmic’

February 11, 2015

Falling_Stars_by_CookieSoul.pngPartly cloudy skies reddened with sunshine this early Wednesday on California’s north coast — supposedly a clear, sunny day ahead, but already way-colder.
After just a couple of weeks of that warm, southern ‘atmospheric rivers’ weather, an old guy can way-quickly become maladjusted.
And of course, ‘way-colder,’ is way-relative.

An interesting note this morning, another meteorite encounter with earth — this time down under got popped from above.
From Radio New Zealand: ‘Residents across the top of the North Island say they’ve seen flashes of a large blue light and a loud bang. Many are speculating that it was a meteor. Radio New Zealand has been told that people in Coromandel, Northland, and all across Auckland witnessed the event.’

Emergency authorities report: “definitely not lightning.”

(Illustration: ‘Falling Stars,’ by CookieSoul).

More from RadioNZ: ‘North Shore resident Jon Torgersen said the first light was yellowish followed a few minutes later by a reddish flaming light. He said about 15 minutes later at about ten o’clock there was another very bright light followed by a loud sound.’
And hence, social media¬†was a-twitter about it: ‘WeatherWatch tweeted: “We believe this was most likely a meteor (shooting star) or a meteorite (small one that hits the surface). Put simply: ‘Wow!’

And in a freak-out similar vein, a couple of dudes encountering the weird — from the New Zealand Herald:

Fletcher Hodge, 33, and Michael Mckee, 30, were travelling back from Rotorua having purchased a possum plucker off TradeMe when they noticed the sky getting “bluer and brighter”.
Mr Hodge, 33, said he looked out the driver’s side of the vehicle they were travelling in to view what he thought was a shooting star.
“The next minute it was practically at the right hand side… like only 200-300 metres away.
“It came in slow then sped up. There were big bright blue flashes and then it went straight down into a gully,” said Mr Hodges.
“I was quite freaked out. I was like, what the hell… this is the end.
“I’ve seen shooting stars and comets break up but I have never been so close in my life. It was like looking out at a street light from your house and it looked closer than a street light.”

Mr Mckee was driving when he saw “the really bright light.”
“I could see the whole countryside. I saw a streak in the sky and bits of like fireworks but thought it was too bright to be fireworks.
“It didn’t hit me till after that it was cosmic. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”
He said the light seemed to head won into a gully.
“I think it landed pretty close to us. It was almost blinding.”
Mr Mckee said he has no idea the sighting over the North Island skies had gone viral on social media.
When Hamilton News spoke with Mr Mckee he had just got home from and was “just chilling out with a cigarette.”


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