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September 18, 2015

220px-PinocchioLast night, in a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, The Donald was faced by this statement-question off a guy from the audience (via NPR): ‘“We have a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims. We know our current president is one…”
The Donald hacked all around the question about Obama, stringing off into serious-sounding bullshit, but in the end didn’t at all refute the president being a Muslim.

A serious, mental crossroads appears to be clouding across our political system, where half of our two-party apparatus is composed of pure-gone, batshit-crazy-lying turds. And don’t seem to give a fat-rat’s ass about it, either.
Wednesday night’s GOP debate was like a scene out of some off-kilter political movie, with a great dash of horror — sort of ‘Dr. Strangelove‘ meets ‘Ship of Fools.’

(Illustration: ‘Pinocchio,’ by Enrico Mazzanti, found here).

One of the best reviews of the debate, and the further declining sense of the GOP, came yesterday via Micheal A. Cohen at the Boston Globe — summary of our dislodged edginess:

We joke about this stuff, but after a while it’s no longer funny.
The Republican Party is dominated by candidates who are proudly, even boastfully ignorant.
Rejecting the clear science on vaccines or climate change is practically the price of admission even to be considered a legitimate presidential candidate.
Playing on xenophobic fears of immigrants by lying about the economic costs and threats to American workers — pro forma.
It reached a point Wednesday night when a candidate actually saying something true was an event worthy of note.
But make no mistake, the descent of the Republican Party into dishonesty, lies, and cravenness is no joke.
It’s a national crisis.
After all, one of these 15 candidates might actually get elected president.

In the glass-half-full mentality, there’s still more than a goodly-year to go before shit like that could happen. And Hillary,or Bernie, or Joe, whoever.
Scary, though…

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