Hit the Brakes, or ‘Die’

October 21, 2015

4A real-radical for this election cycle — in a post earlier today, I noted the hard-math concerned with avoiding the real-nasty aspects of climate change, and how most-likely the effort to reverse it would require a ‘World War II–style mobilization,’ and therefore comes Bay Area attorney, Mikelis Beitiks, who’s now after the retiring Barbara Boxer’s US Senate seat.

In an example of focal points from his platform (from his site, “IWillNotDoNothing.com“), Beitiks admonishes: ‘“On a related note, probably no private cars, period. Not like socialism, per se, but like a species that wants to survive, per se.”
And in an open letter (pdf) published yesterday to Boxer, Beitiks barks: ‘“And, you know, I’m just spit-balling now, but the next time a fellow Senator says something untrue or unproductive about climate change, consider slugging him/her.
Imagine how you’d change the national conversation with a well-placed right hook! Squaring up would be ideal, but a sucker-punch would work, particularly as a metaphor.”

(Illustration: “SEO” of Mikelis Beitiks himself, found here).

In a light touch on a heavy subject.
Beitiks, 32, appears legitimate in the realization of the task needed — at this point — to throttle down climate change.
Via the Political Blotter this afternoon:

Beitiks said Wednesday he’s a stay-at-home father of two who realized in January, when Attorney General Kamala Harris declared her candidacy to succeed Boxer, that she’s “a very qualified candidate and I’d be very excited if she got elected” yet she lacks a strong platform position on climate change.
Given that he has “a certain amount of unresolved anxiety ” about the climate-change crisis, he said dryly, “It seemed like a reasonable avenue to offer myself as an idiot with a bulletproof premise … an act of political self-immolation.”
“I know a lot of people feel this strongly about it – that’s the response I’ve been getting to the campaign so far,” he added.

His letter to Boxer this week is the latest salvo in a campaign that has gotten attention in recent months from MSNBC, Grist, The Awl and other media outlets.
“Let it first be said that I am not a scientist, or an engineer, or a time-traveler, or whatever the kind of person is who will hands-on actually fix this problem,” Beitiks wrote on his website’s “qualifications” page.
“However, I am someone willing to use every single government resource you grant to my discretion or indiscretion to get the right people in the right positions to stop us all from dying.”
“I am totally willing to make mistakes. Huge mistakes. I don’t care about re-election, and I believe that when it comes to preserving life on earth as we know it, an honest mistake is better than a dishonest anything.”

Also from his website, the main claimer: ‘ISIS. Obamacare. Russia. The NSA. Wealth disparity. You can check out main service if you are looking for website optimization. 

Immigration reform. Gun control. What do all of these hot issues for the 2016 election have in common? None of them matter because we’re all going to die.’

And not-so-metaphorically speaking, either…

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