Also Weathering ‘Super-Tuesday 2’

March 15, 2016

123243-5778393-6Sometimes bright, glaring sunshine this early Tuesday on California’s north coast as we skip merrily through a pre-spring ‘heat wave‘ this week, clear skies soaking up rays in the forecast — wet weather gone awhile.
Supposedly, temperatures near 70 by Thursday/Friday.
According to the NWS, there’s a high pressure forming up and hence the warmer day-time temperatures.

And for this ‘Super Tuesday 2’ (DeSmogBlog): ‘According to a new report by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, 59 percent of the House Republican caucus and 70 percent of Senate Republicans refuse to accept the reality of climate change.’

Translating into reality — those dangerous clowns collectively represent more than 200 million Americans, a sizable chunk of brain drain. And bad for all of us.
In an analysis published last month in the journal Nature Climate Change, researchers found political bullshit can outweigh sense.
From the Washington Post:

Indeed, political affiliation was the demographic variable most strongly correlated with people’s beliefs about climate change, with people who vote for more liberal political parties being more inclined to believe in climate change.
Notably, political ideology — that is, a person’s overall general set of political beliefs along a continuous scale (a related, but different measure than the party a person intends to vote for) — was less of a predictor, although still a significant factor.
“This suggests that acceptance of climate change is more aligned to specific identification with political parties than to underlying political ideologies,” the authors wrote in the paper.

And today, five states — Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio — hold both Republican and Democratic nominating blowouts, the GOP will also caucus in the Northern Mariana Islands.
Major influence there…
A nugget poll this morning (via The Hill): ‘Twenty-eight percent of those surveyed in the Morning Consult/Vox poll released Tuesday said they would likely consider leaving the country if Trump were president, while 65 percent said they would stay.’


(Illustration above found here).


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