‘Fools’ Tomfoolery

April 1, 2016

picasso1Gray fog quickly displaced sunshine this Friday morning on California’s north coast — bright sunrise, which vanished into the ‘normal‘ mists of a thick marine layer.
The sun is expected later, but for now it’s all gray matter.

Words for brains: Today is April Fool’s Day in an attempt to change gray to black. Last night, Jimmy Kimmel presented a fool’s errand in a joke on The Donald, who proclaimed this whole, horrible scenario was a prank: ‘“I’m not really running for president. It was a joke. You’re so stupid it’s mind boggling. Now go vote for my friend Hillary Clinton and make America great again. I can’t believe you bought these crappy hats.”

And the punch line…?

(Illustration: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Harlequin Head,’ found here).

Ironic, the prankster, too. Reality appears to be finally catching up to speed.
The best route for The Donald most-likely is to accept Kimmel’s notation and bow-the-fuck out.

If not, the shit will hit the fan, and The Donald will be a ‘loser‘ on an international scale. Supposedly, Trump last June entered the race for the public lark of it, and surprise, surprise, found himself huge.
In watching this shit unfold last fall, I at first viewed the asshole as The Asshole, a longtime media creep made somehow famous by being himself — ‘You’re fired!”‘ his personal slogan — and really didn’t consider him anywhere near-actual-serious. Then the clusterfuck debates and early primaries, The Donald was on the roll. I expected him to self destruct, disappear from the scene, but dumb-shit antics only made him stronger.
Yet someone that ignorant just couldn’t maintain for any length time, a facade of serious.

The Donald goes to Cleveland.
From the UK’s Independent this morning:

Donald Trump would be “the least popular major party nominee in modern times,” the headline on the front of the Washington Post headline blares.
That sounds pretty bad!
But if you dig into the demographic breakdown of the Post’s new analysis of this month’s polling, which looks at Trump’s favorability across a range of voter groups, it looks even worse.
These numbers are simply amazing.
Trump is viewed unfavorably by at least 80 percent of some of the groups that Republican strategists had hoped the GOP might improve among: young voters and Latinos.
He’s viewed unfavorably by three out of four moderates.
That GOP autopsy into what went wrong in 2012 has been torn to shreds and scattered to the winds from the top of Trump Tower.

In our polling, Trump is viewed unfavorably by 68 percent of white women and 74 percent of white college graduates.
If a lot of white women view Trump unfavorably, that would complicate his chances of over-performing among working class whites.
And if Trump under-performs among college educated whites (and alienates nonwhites to an untold degree), he might need truly enormous margins among working class whites (who, as noted above, already view Trump unfavorably) to make up the difference.
Can Trump win by driving up tremendous, great, terrific, and huge margins among white men?
Well, even they view Trump unfavorably, by 51-47.

One, way-bizarre presidential campaign to be truly, but maybe also a reflection of one, quickly-creeping, way-bizarre world of the nowadays…and the punch line…?

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