‘Greatest’ — Ever

August 5, 2016

16458226596_ae9dbb782b_zFog-clouds cloak the north coast of California this Friday morning, and if it continues like yesterday, we can expect this afternoon to be only ‘partially’ on the sunny side.
And a bit chilly, too.

Also under a chilled-glass darkly, The Donald unglued — laugh way-outloud (via TPM):

“Mike called me, and he said yesterday, ‘Would you mind if I endorsed? I won’t do that if it’s going to cause any complications, I would absolutely not do that…”
“He’s the greatest guy, the greatest human being.”

(Illustration: Donald Trump, ‘Basic Shapes,‘ by caricaturist/illustrator Chong Jit Leong, found here).

This outlandish display references the Mike Pence/Paul Ryan endorsement-non-endorsement fiasco — a descent into a screenwriter’s madness — wisdom for The Donald from Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: ‘“You know, there’s a lesson here, which is never try to make life or death decisions when you’re feeling suicidal.”

Horror of it all — The Donald doesn’t give a fat-rat’s ass about what comes out his mouth. This morning he tried to wash away some of the grime by ‘pivoting’ to the economy, naming his so-called ‘advisors’ in that arena.
From Mother Jones:

The roster of 13 men—all are men and five are named Steven or Stephen — includes a handful of billionaires and financial moguls, several of them longtime Trump friends.
Also on Trump’s economic brain trust is an economist, David Malpass, who downplayed concerns about the economy shortly before his firm collapsed and the economy cratered.
Malpass is a former economic adviser to Ronald Reagan whom the Trump campaign touts as having “extensive private sector experience.”
That experience includes serving for 15 years as the chief economist for Bear Stearns — the Wall Street firm that was deeply enmeshed in the subprime mortgage market—in the lead-up to the investment bank’s spectacular March 2008 collapse.

Perhaps the biggest name on Trump’s economic team is John Paulson, a hedge fund manager whose firm foresaw the subprime mortgage meltdown and made billions betting against the big banks that were heavily invested in mortgage-backed securities.
In 2010, Paulson’s fund made more than $5 billion, setting a record.

And he bellowed: ‘“I am going to be the greatest jobs president our country has ever seen.”
But only as the second greatest human being.

Yet comically-shameful, an underlying frightful-fright to the narrative…

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