T-Rump Dumb Down — ‘Y’all Played Yourselves’

October 24, 2016

(Illustration: Annie Cardelle, and Ceci Cardelle, with Eric Trump and his wife, Lara, found here).

As pure a demonstration of the ignorant-bullshit of the T-Rump operation was seen last Friday in South Carolina, where two sisters put the whole dumb-ass shebang on display.

Eric Trump is way-dumber than he looks, and apparently so is everyone around him. During a rally in Salisbury, North Carolina, he and his wife, Lara, posed for a photograph with who they figured was a Hispanic supporter, but the young woman’s T-shirt. which proclaimed “Latina contra Trump,”  actually translates as “Latina against Trump.”

Annie Cardelle, 23, was shocked no one knew what the T-shirt actually said. She and her sister, Ceci Cardelle, 17, had attended the rally as a protest ‘against’ Trump.

The only person who appeared to notice her shirt, Annie said, was a reporter with the local Salisbury Post who asked her about it.
“We didn’t see anyone there that was Latin American or that we thought could speak Spanish,” Ceci said.
“While we were surprised that no one really noticed, I really think that it stands as a testament to the lack of diversity surrounding that campaign.”

Via BuzzFeed:

At the end of his speech, a reporter asked if the sisters were going to try to line up for a photo with Trump.
“They have about four people looking every person up and down before you go and get a picture,” Ceci said, “so we thought there was no way we could get a photo with them.”
“I was sort of in disbelief when they actually called us forward,” Ceci said.
“I was like, ‘This is not happening. There’s no way they don’t see this shirt.’”

“I couldn’t wrap my brain around it,” Ceci said, “so I just stood there and smiled.”
“Right after, we ran out and looked at each other and just screamed,” she said.

Later, Annie tweeted: ‘“No one at the rally realized my shirt said AGAINST tr*mp… congrats, y’all played yourselves.”

Two weeks and a day — can’t get over fast enough…

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