Truminocchio — Liars, Lying

May 1, 2017

Bright sunshine and cool, gusty this Monday afternoon on California’s north coast, as we work our way through a week’s worth of really-good weather.
Rain forecast for late Thursday, early Friday — until then…

Weathering the T-Rump is another matter. Historically, the US has been most-fortunate the past couple-hundred-plus years we never had to weather an cretin-idiot as president. There’s been assholes, of course, all kinds of shitheads, but nothing in the horror-range of the T-Rump.
Just one black hole — from the Washington Post this morning: ‘President Trump is the most fact-challenged politician that The Fact Checker has ever encountered…But those numbers obscure the fact that the pace and volume of the president’s misstatements means that we cannot possibly keep up.’

(Illustration: ‘President Trump,’ by Jonathan Bass, found here).

In this particular case, the cretin-idiot is also an arrogant, nasty asshole, which knocks intelligence down the list behind being a douchebag — CBS guy John Dickerson’s Oval Office encounter revealed the Orwellian-creepy behind continuously lying (Business Insider):

In an interview that aired Monday, Dickerson pressed the president to explain his March tweets claiming Obama wiretapped him during the 2016 election.
“You’re the president of the United States,” Dickerson said.
“You said he was ‘sick and bad’ because he had tapped you.”
“You can take it any way you want,” Trump replied.
“I’m asking you,” Dickerson said, “because you don’t want it to be fake news. I want to hear it from President Trump.”
The president insisted that he had his opinions and that Dickerson could draw his conclusions about what Trump meant.
“But I want to know your opinions,” Dickerson said.
“You’re the president of the United States.”
“OK, it’s enough. Thank you. Thank you very much,” Trump said, walking away from Dickerson.

The “Face the Nation” host told “CBS This Morning” on Monday that Trump wanted him to leave after the exchange.
“I think it was pretty clear that I was to move myself out or I was to be moved along,” Dickerson said.

Does not bode well going forth in media coverage — keep calling the ass-wipe as ass-wipe.
Slippery the world of the liar — further from the Post Fact Checker: ‘He earned 59 Four-Pinocchio ratings during his campaign as president. Since then, he’s earned 16 more Four-Pinocchio ratings…The president’s speeches and interviews are so chock full of false and misleading claims that The Fact Checker often must resort to roundups that offer a brief summary of the facts that the president has gotten wrong…This makes Trump somewhat unique among politicians. Many will drop a false claim after it has been deemed false. But Trump just repeats the same claim over and over.’

Writing about the Post‘s results, Kevin Drum at Mother Jones concluded:

Five lies per day!
And not just any lies.
Trump’s lies are so much more brazen than that.
He’s the first president to have hacked the modern media so thoroughly.
He realizes he can literally say anything he wants and it doesn’t matter if the Washington Post or anybody else calls him out later.
The only thing that matters is that he said it and it got on TV.
Karl Rove glimpsed this new reality back in the aughts, but was too conventional a politician to take it to its logical conclusion.
Trump is the modern-day Galileo who finally put it all together.

A horrible, nasty Galileo for sure.
Paul Krugman added this ominous note in his New York Times column, from also this morning

Now think about what it means to have voted for Trump.
The news media spent much of the campaign indulging in an orgy of false equivalence; nonetheless, most voters probably got the message that the political/media establishment considered Trump ignorant and temperamentally unqualified to be president.
So the Trump vote had a strong element of: “Ha! You elites think you’re so smart? We’ll show you!”
Now, sure enough, it turns out that Trump is ignorant and temperamentally unqualified to be president.
But if you think his supporters will accept this reality any time soon, you must not know much about human nature.
In a perverse way, Trump’s sheer awfulness offers him some political protection: His supporters aren’t ready, at least so far, to admit that they made that big a mistake.
Also, to be fair, so far Trumpism hasn’t had much effect on daily life.
In fact, Trump’s biggest fails have involved what hasn’t happened, not what has.
So it’s still fairly easy for those so inclined to dismiss the bad reports as media bias.
Sooner or later, however, this levee is going to break.
I chose that metaphor advisedly.
I’m old enough to remember when George W. Bush was wildly popular — and while his numbers gradually deflated from their post 9/11 high, it was a slow process.
What really pushed his former supporters to reconsider, as I perceived it — and this perception is borne out by polling — was the Katrina debacle, in which everyone could see the Bush administration’s callousness and incompetence playing out live on TV.
What will Trump’s Katrina moment look like?
Will it be the collapse of health insurance due to administration sabotage?
A recession this White House has no idea how to handle?
A natural disaster or public health crisis?
One way or another, it’s coming.

We be so-so-fucked…

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