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April 21, 2020

A shift of venue — I just got a Polaroid iS126 digital camera from Target and now in practice mode with a new device. Simple but as always for me and any type apparatus, it will take a certain amount of time in getting my shit together with it.
An inexpensive addition to the blog.

Leroy in repose — not bad, beyond being slightly out of focus, and the date/time stamp more than three years behind (I’ll have to figure out how to change/eliminate the date thingie), and hopefully the original hound pix of many (taken by my Polaroid) in the coming whenever.
This the second photo of Leroy, the first in my post a couple of days ago on backyard work, but that one was taken by my daughter off her phone. Now only me will be Leroy’s media guy.

And maybe an inanimate object, and see how that shows up:

Not bad rendering of a hanging succulent plant with a better sharpness than the hound, but we’ll have to put that shit into some kind of natural-romantic setting for this kind of image to work. Not much emotion to be found in a hanging succulent without proper backstory or something nearby exciting to the gaze. What the fuck, it’s a practice pix.

The reviews for the iS126 weren’t very good  on Amazon — two out of three displayed said it sucked, but the one commented: ‘Very small screen, but takes excellent pictures and video.
So there’s that…

I do have to download an instruction manual, a downer, so there’s that, too.

So we’ll see how the learning curve shapes up, which might be sharp coming or going…

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