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May 8, 2013

bummer_787575High fog, low drizzle this way-too-early Wednesday here on California’s north coast, creating a dull-bummer this morning, despite the speed of the week.
Hard to imagine we’re already reaching the weekend’s gravity pull.

And internal-combustion engines are not only destroying the environment, but is emaciating time: In the country’s most gridlocked cities, commuters wasted an average of 42 hours sitting in traffic in 2012, the equivalent of one week of vacation.
Work from the car?

A lot of dumb, bummer shit happening right in the limelight.

(Illustration found here).

And Wednesday’s big bummer comes from yesterday’s news: Heavy nit-twit Mark Sanford beat Stephen Colbert’s sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, a spot made vacant by GOP ass-hat maneuvering, and despite being a deranged asshole:

“I want to acknowledge a God not just of second chances but third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth chances, because that is the reality of our shared humanity,” Sanford said at his victory celebration…
“I am one imperfect man saved by God’s grace.”

Dumb shit, you were saved by an apparent voting population without morals or sense. Yet, one must remember major asshole Jim DeMint came out of that cesspool for way-too many years.
Sanford’s not out of the woods yet, as tomorrow he will appear in a televised court hearing to answer a charge of trespassing from his former wife.
Political scientist Danielle Vinson of Furman University in Greenville, S.C.: “I don’t see him having a lot of trouble if he can just shut his mouth about his private life and stop making an enemy of his ex-wife.” If he can’t, Vinson says, “the frustration with being a national punch line is pretty high in that district.”

Politics appears the rot at the core — a Reader’s Digest poll shames them all.
Via UPI:

Americans trust Clint Eastwood and 63 others more than they trust President Barack Obama, who came in at No. 65 on the Reader’s Digest list of “100 Most Trusted People in America.”
Television host Judge Judy, full name Judith Sheindlin, is No. 28 on the list, which makes her more trusted than all nine Supreme Court Justices.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg came closest at No. 36. Judge Joe Brown, another television courtroom host, was No. 39.
The poll, released Tuesday, surveyed 1,009 people online and found that actor Tom Hanks is the most trusted person in America.
Rounding out the top five were Sandra Bullock, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep and Maya Angelou.
The bottom five included Dr. Phil McGraw, Steve Forbes, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, and at No. 100, Fox News anchor Shepherd Smith.

Maya who? Reader’s Digest isn’t known as an intellectual publication, in fact it’s become more of a right-wing back-slap rag as the years go by — frankly, I would never believe its readers would know the difference between I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and Down in the Delta, both from the multi-way-talented Dr. Angelou.
Read the poll’s whole results here.

Finally, the biggest bummer of them all — my near-new laptop contains Windows 8, the freakin’-fuckin’ worst piece of shit ever. I hate the complicated, slow-dwelling sonofabitch.
And I ain’t alone — from the UK’s Independent:

But the wager on Windows 8, a new operating system which would halt the slide in PC sales and challenge Apple’s iPad, has turned sour after the computer giant announced a humiliating U-turn.
In what has been described as the biggest admission of commercial failure for a major product launch since “new Coke” was withdrawn 30 years ago, Microsoft is to overhaul Windows 8, the software update which prompted a backlash from customers who found it impossible to navigate.
Pitched as an operating system for both desktop computers and tablets, Windows 8’s touch-screen interface confused Microsoft’s customers with its interactive “tile”-based start screen and the omission of the brand’s famous “Start” button.

Despite selling 100 million licences, interest in Windows 8 has flagged and Tammy Reller, head of marketing and finance for the Windows business, announced a retreat, admitting that the software had defeated many users.
“The learning curve is definitely real and we need to address it,” she said.

Why the fuck didn’t those Microsoft brainiacs know that at the start?

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