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May 9, 2013

picasso_lafemmequipleure1937_lFoggy and a bit on the chilly side this early Thursday on California’s north coast, no stars, no wind, no sound. So quiet, it must be quiet all over the world.

Much of the news recently has been shittier than dog poo — and a number of these items are headline only stories, with details jamming just too much pressure on the left side of the fearful brain. In much of this fare, there seems to be a nefarious spirit waffling amongst some humans to commit horrendous crimes and perpetrations.

Despite the news addiction, sometimes I just don’t want to go there.

(Illustration: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman‘ found here).

One such example is this week’s horror story out of Cleveland, where some asshole kidnapped three young girls a decade ago, with the usual headline modifiers of “rape, isolation, beatings.”
One girl even had a baby while in captivity. Enough.

And the Jodi Arias trial: She was found guilty yesterday of first-degree murder, and now claims she wants death instead of life in prison. CNN has had a horrid fascination with stories like this, but apparently a shitload of viewers agree. And I don’t want the sexual peccadilloes from some muddled-ass brain. Enough.

And this report despite living in the supposedly greatest nation of earth: The US has by far the highest first-day death rate in the industrialized world. Enough.

And frickin’ stop this Benghazi shit — how long will the GOP grind on about this crap?
Although nothing earth shattering has come out of the hearing in the US House (despite Republican chatter), Darrell Issa won’t let it be: “This hearing is closed; the investigation is not over.”
What an asshole! Enough.

That’s just a way-short list of stories where the details don’t really matter because the event/incident itself is all the details I need. A lot of people, I guess, have an intense interest in this sort of small print on the big wallop of the news.
Too much shit for me.

In a twisted world, the real only help is yourself. Inside you is the real protection. In that regard, this is a really must-see video — it’s long, nearly 10 minutes — but well worth the time.
Titled near-about to the “Secret to Life,” it’s a look at day-to-day existence as described by the reality of our surroundings, and makes some good points how to wade through this truly screwed-up world.
See it at Politicalprof. (h/t ShortFormBlog).

Thursday time for work — payroll today and other such trappings of life.
I’ll spare the details, though.

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