Zombied by the News

March 6, 2014

blog-images-54f392f5-ab7b-443b-8ea9-0dea820b07c1_jpgWindy with drizzling rain this early Thursday on California’s north coast as we await another storm system expected to sweep through the area tonight. This morning’s precipitation is just a continuance of the ‘wet haze’ effect we seem to collect along the Pacific shore.

Surfing online news sites reveals no breaking waves of interest — just the same old-tired, cliche-ridden stories of destruction. Odd when I spend a couple of hours clicking away and nothing pops out at me.
In that Ukraine bullshit-stalemate, the only current curious feature was the sudden and dramatic, ‘I’m outta here!’ proclamation of a RT news anchor, who quit live on the air because of Putin being an asshole.
(Illustration found here).

Despite all the terrible shit now — the environment, wars and rumors of wars (also: Lindsay Lohan has a ‘docu-series’ produced by Oprah, which will leave a bad mark), politics and politicians, along with the assorted shitheads with big mouths — nothing struck me with a storyline that I felt literary, and/or stupid.

The only top contender for news this morning is the continuing saga of the survelliance state — this time the CIA has been caught spying on Congressional peoples who are investigating the CIA spying on Congressional people.
McClatchy has the story, Marcy Wheeler adds some details.

Another possible news applicant is the asshole US Army general accused of rape — an epidemic in the military — and now on trial, but has pled guilty to lesser charges, but not the actual rape.
In a related piece: Legislation to curb sexual assaults in the military by stripping senior commanders of their authority to prosecute rapes and other serious offenses is headed for a highly anticipated vote in the Senate.
Watch that one.

And the Afghan war is going worse-shitty, if possible — five Afghan solderies were killed this morning in ‘…the most devastating incidents of friendly fire…’ in the 12-year-old fucked-up conflict. What a mess.

And a survey released this morning discloses: More than half, 34 percent, of companies polled said that they had open positions where they could not find qualified candidates and 34 percent said some jobs were going unfilled for three months or more.
Jobs but no takers.

Alas, there are events and shit happening out there, but I’m just too hungry for fried brains and collard-greens right now.

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