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September 26, 2014

statue-of-liberty-crying315Clear with just a bit of haze this early Friday on California’s north coast — and chilly as always with morning sunshine.
The storm just past dumped a whopper of rain on Eureka, just a few miles south of where I’m located, with more than two-and-a-half inches on Wednesday — a record for the date, at least in 100 years.

And via the Friday news dump, in the midst of more and more frightening situations/circumstances, seemingly ISIS has really comes to the heartland: A man has beheaded a woman after a workplace dispute in Oklahoma, U.S. law enforcement officials told CNN on Friday. He also tried to kill another woman, officials said.

(Illustration found here).

Details are way-slim right now, but odds are this will be a big lead story today — apparently this 30-year-old guy chopped off one woman’s head and stabbed another woman in some kind of incident at a food processing plant near Oklahoma City. A sheriff’s deputy shot him before any other carnage. The guy and the stabbed lady are supposed to recover.
Officials were quick, though, reporting the event had ‘no immediate indications of a link to terrorism.’

Beheadings have gotten a lot of news play lately, tipped the goading hat in Iraq and Syria, but this a US first — might be lost, however, in the Eric Holder shuffle; the Derek Jeter, final at bat, game-winning single; pictures of that woman hiding on the roof; or the video of that cop blasting that guy for doing what he was told (“what did you shoot me for?“); the fire at the Chicago airport, screwing up air travel across the US; all kinds of horrible bullshit.

And it’s till barely light outside.

Quickly also this morning another item, weird-ass, dumb-shit, ignorant stuff:

Devin Sean James, who is overseeing public relations for Ferguson after the Michael Brown shooting, once shot and killed an unarmed man.

He has been handling media requests and overseeing Ferguson’s public relations strategy, including arranging a video statement released Thursday in which Ferguson police Chief Thomas Jackson apologized to Brown’s family.
Ferguson officials knew of James’ conviction before they signed a contract with him, Mayor James Knowles III said Thursday.

But a spokeswoman for the partnership agency who is paying his bills said she was unaware of his conviction until Thursday.
About two hours later, Katie Jamboretz, of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, said the agency was severing ties with James.

And that PR strategy with Big Chief Jackson and the video — a whacked debacle (via NBC News):

Appearing in civilian clothes, Police Chief Thomas Jackson triggered scuffles and a standoff in the St. Louis suburb after joining a march late Thursday outside of his force’s headquarters.
Hours earlier, he’d released a video apology to the Brown family.
Jackson assured protesters that there would be changes in the wake of Brown’s killing.
“All those things that are causing mistrust are being evaluated and we are going to be making changes,” Jackson said.
However, violence broke out seconds after Jackson tried to join the crowd, which included many protesters who were demanding he step down, along with a handful police officers, according to Alderman Antonio French.

The chaotic tussle led to several arrests, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Ferguson police did not respond to several calls requesting information about the incident from NBC News.
By early Friday, police had declared the protests an “unlawful assembly” and ordered the crowd to leave.

And we roll along.

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