Dim-Witted Debacle

November 5, 2014

gop-goonA reddish tint in the eastern sky this Wednesday morning, maybe sailors and all Americans take warning — here on California’s north coast, most-likely overcast with late afternoon sunshine.
Another day in the life…

No so for the sad, dumb-ass US of A — apparently there’s a shitload of ignorant, clueless Americans out there, enough to really put the atrocious screws to the country, for at least the immediate, and well-beyond-the-immediate time being, and there’s really no crying allowed, at least not in public.

Despite the sad, cruel hard-right plunge by sheep-like, imbecilic voters, there was in the midst, a noticeable turn in sort of the opposite direction — attitudes on marijuana use seem to be going hard left, indicating a continuing public acceptance to torching a blunt.

Odd, how politics and ganja are local. In Oregon, voters approved Measure 91, permitting use for those over 21 (follows Washington state, and Colorado) with 8 ounces of marijuana legal at home, and up an ounce in public.
Meanwhile, in Washington DC, Initiative 71 was passed, legalizing adult marijuana use, possession of up to two ounces and home cultivation of up to six marijuana plants for personal use — that’s cool.
Alaska voters OKed Measure 2 — adults can have one ounce and six plants.
Even in Guam, voters passed Proposal 14A, a medical marijuana law.
And come counties and towns in Maine and New Mexico also approved local marijuana ordinances, which though won’t be legally binding, indicates the population mood.
Yet marijuana is still classified by the feds as a Schedule I substance, right there with heroin and LSD.
The big pot bust yesterday — Florida, where Amendment 2 would have legalized just the ‘medical use of marijuana,’ was shot down.
Of course, Florida voters also re-elected Rick Scott — one of the more obvious, and crazed-looking GOPers in the country. Despite Scott being an “environmental disaster,” and an asshole. This shit illustrates the politics of weird: ‘Instead, it’s a personal victory for Scott, who was able to return to the governor’s mansion despite being personally unpopular.’

The 2014 midterms might be a watershed moment — bigger clods of shit will hit the fan.
And bad road just got worse. Only way Republicans can govern, is not govern. They don’t give a shit, never have, never will, and with the party of the deranged in control of Congress, what could possibly happen?
Although supposedly the obvious Tea Party nit-twits in the Republican party were played down this cycle, the poison is well into the system.

Quickly, the most-telling little bit I’ve seen this morning (via Yahoo):

Reflecting the split within the GOP, Jack Welch told CNBC Monday that Jeb Bush and NJ Governor Chris Christie are “too middle of the road” and says Republicans should “give a hard look to [Sens.] Rand Paul and Ted Cruz” as the party’s standard-bearer in 2016.

As apparently the midterms were worse than even anticipated — people really don’t care what type change, they’ll stick their head in a meat grinder: ‘Republican Larry Hogan won the race for governor of Maryland Tuesday in a shocking upset over Democratic Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown in a blue state.’
How could a Democratic guy lose in a heavy-Democratic state?

Michael Tomasky at The Daily Beast this morning — pretty-much President Obama’s end:

But what about Obama?
He’s done as far as any new initiatives are concerned.
He probably can’t do this immigration reform-by-fiat now.
They’ll impeach him for sure.
All he can do now is try to protect health care and try to make this ISIS war work.
There might be some opportunities on trade and tax policy, but those will exist about 75 percent on Republican turf.
And emphasis on “might”: The Republicans, McConnell’s pretty speech to the contrary, won’t want to work with Obama on anything.
Their interest, as ever, is in pushing the perception that Washington is dysfunctional.
It works for them.
It worked Tuesday night.
It worked in 2010.
They want Americans to perceive Washington as broken, especially heading into 2016.
There’s no better simplistic argument for “change.”
Obstruction has just been rewarded, in a huge way.
You expect them to change?

Even with climate change? No — the horrible end of the stick.
As the GOP takes hold of the Senate, the wheel in the chair is one of the worse of the worse — Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, now in his fourth term, is set to become the next chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. And Inhofe is a hard-core, full-on-throttle climate-change denier.
Just as the IPCC released its most-pessimistic report yet last weekend — the word, ‘irreversible,’ most prominent — Inhofe will force matters to be far worse: ‘He will make it his business to carry water for the fossil-fuel industry, smear climate scientists, and do everything else in his considerable power to prevent the country and the world from confronting the slow motion crisis of climate change.’

And so it goes…

(Illustration above found here).

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