Sun Morning

December 14, 2015

123243-5778393-6Surprise, surprise this early Monday on California’s north coast — sunshine! And cold, too.
One distinguishing mark with rainstorms is warmth, even if flowing from Alaska-way, and when clear the temperature goes down.
Today’s not rain free, however, as big, ominous clouds still can be seen hovering just to the east, and we’re forecast for more showers later this afternoon.

Yet it’s still wonderful to have sunshine in your eyes first thing in the morning. Tomorrow is supposed to be truly clear and sunshine-filled — let’s wait and see.
Via North State Weather: ‘Tuesday and Wednesday high pressure will be just off the coast. We will see mostly sunny skies slightly above normal temperatures and light to moderate north winds.’

(Illustration found here).

Although NSW noted above is mostly focused on weather east of where I’m located here close to the shoreline, but it does sometime allow a view of how ferocious or not an incoming storm pattern — the worse shit always strikes the interior, especially in the higher elevations and valleys.

In related matters, yesterday I posted about the climate agreement off the UN conference in Paris, and the theater-like drama, and overlooked Bill McKibben’s reality check (via Grist):

But once you get past the promises part, the actual plans submitted by various governments commit the world to a temperature rise of 3.5 degrees, which is more or less the same as hell.
It’s a broken planet.
This is the difference between hoping and doing — a common enough part of the human condition. I kind of hoped I wouldn’t buy the pain au chocolat at the boulangerie down the street this morning. I had good ambitions.
But, you know.

My underline for emphasis.
And we’ll just chat about the weather until the chatter drowns-out thinking…

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