Fire And Farts — T-Rump In New York

April 19, 2024

Terrifying shit for a noonish Friday — news dump literally.
A couple of items off the T-Rump’s fourth day in New York on that ‘hush money‘/financial campaign-fraud case, one a terrifying outside-the-courtroom incident:

Strange, more-than-meets-the-eye news clip. Some muted details:

Eyewitness News talked to a witness who said the man was holding papers in Collect Pond Park, an area where both protesters and members of the public can gather, when he silently doused himself with gasoline.

“He got himself soaking wet and then pulled out a lighter,” the witness said. “It reminded me of what happened in the Vietnam war. I’ve seen videos of those things. I’m not even exactly sure why he did it. He didn’t have a posters.”

Police officers ran from all directions to help. A detective tried to smother the man with his coat to extinguish the flames.

Someone then came with a fire extinguisher to get it out. The man was rushed to New-York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center in critical condition.

Sources say the man was carrying pamphlets about lots of different subjects that said things like “NYU is a mob front” and “Abolish our criminal government and replace it with one that serves all.”

Of course, this affair will continue throughout the afternoon, and I’m sure a shitload of updates will follow — weird-ass shitty.

Meanwhile, ‘inside‘ the courthouse and the T-Rump:

Nothing yet on the farting from the MSM, but this on the catnaps via The Daily Beast:

Apparently Donald Trump needs to catch up on some sleep, as the former president appeared to doze off in a New York City courtroom yet again on Friday.

This time around, reporters noted that Trump’s head repeatedly dropped, and he closed his eyes for quite some time.

It’s at least the third time Trump has been spotted catching some ZZZs during the first week of his high-stakes hush-money trial, which centers around his alleged plot to pay off porn star Stormy Daniels to cover up an alleged affair.

It appears Trump wants to be anywhere but the Manhattan courthouse, with him complaining Friday morning it’s unfair he has to be stuck in a courtroom “all day long” when he could be out campaigning.

The mid-trial naps aren’t a great look for someone who, at 77, is constantly trying to project an image of vigor and vitality in public as he seeks to retake the White House. Trump’s allies have denied he’s sleeping, claiming he’s merely been resting his eyes.

Trump’s inability to stay awake has earned him nicknames he’d otherwise be doling out to others—with the hashtag #SleepyDonald trending on social media. It’s also shown just how disinterested Trump can get when he’s not calling the shots.

Other than he’s a lazy-ass, low-intellect fuck.

Crazy shit aside, or not, yet here we are once again…

(Illustration out front found here.)

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