Nasty-Face In Court

April 12, 2024

Bright sunshine and well-warmed-up temperatures this near-noon Friday here in California’s Central Valley — another summer preview day, though, nice in its where-did-springtime-go kind of way.

In scrolling just now, I came across a cut-to-the-bone analysis of the T-Rump; must share (great h/t Tengrain):

Highlight example of O’Donnell’s flair for wordage (via Mediaite): ‘“That’s a picture of him when he’s trying to look his absolute best in his campaign video, which in his mind includes a face partially covered in some form of homemade bronzer in which he always forgets the ears. He always forgets his ears are visible, showing the real color of Donald Trump … In contrast to the mud brown that he has decided makes him look his best. And to some eyes, actually makes him look like a horror movie character. That is not a face you want to present to a criminal jury.”

Meanwhile in other parts of the drama: As the orange turd, crazy man sitting at that table must come and go from the courtroom, security will be a bitch — via CNN this morning:

The hallmark of the strategy is a combination of extra staffing, strategically placed frozen zones, high-tech deployments and intelligence, which includes monitoring social media for anything ranging from lone wolf threats to major politically themed protests and disturbances, the officials said.

“Obviously, the threat picture is bigger,” said New York Police Department Assistant Chief John Hart, commanding officer of the NYPD’s Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division, who added that they did a similar security ramp up around Trump when he became the GOP nominee in 2016.

“We had to set up a whole infrastructure around Trump Tower, which we will have to rebuild for this,” Hart said of the security posture around the former president. “We’re going to be looking at the threat picture on a constant basis. Social media scrubbing, just listening to people making calls or making threats online, all of those things.”


“This is six to eight weeks of a trial, jury selection and then a trial, of unprecedented scale,” Hart said. “A former president running for president on trial here in New York City. It’s a big challenge. It’s a lot of moving parts. He’ll be also moving in and out of the city on a regular basis so we are working with all of our partners, our federal partners, our New York State court officers, all the people on the ground that are going to help us manage that stuff.”

All to keep a piece of shit safe.

And Pink Floyd to close this legal nut-talk babble out:

You little shit you’re in it now
I hope they throw away the key
You should have talked to me more often
Than you did, but no
You had to go
Your own way, have you broken any
Homes up lately?
Just five minutes, worm your honor
Him and me, alone

Jurors jacked, or not, yet once again here we are…

(Illustration out front is of a New York state high-school student exhibit: ‘The piece was displayed during student-driven art show at Shenendehowa High School. It consisted of at least 12 identical black-and-white pictures of Donald Trump. There was also a sign above the pictures that read, “Draw on Me.” Using markers from the art classroom, Isome students opted to scribble critical messages and profanities on the pictures‘ — and found here.)

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