Twit-Ass T-Rump

December 9, 2016

Raining-darkly this Friday morning on California’s north coast. According forecasts, we should stay wet at least until Monday, and even then it’s still likely there’s going to be drizzle.
Supposedly-maybe, near two-inches for the shoreline tonight and tomorrow, of course, higher amounts inland.

Funny, how the word ‘weather‘ also means more than the environment — endure, cope, hang tough. How to ‘weather‘ T-Rump, a most vile, despicable asshole?
And a lying, narcissist piece of shit — on his Twitter harassment:  ‘“I think I am very restrained, and I talk about important things…I get it out much faster than a press release. I get it out much more honestly than dealing with … dishonest reporters. So many reporters are dishonest.”

(Illustration: ‘President Trump,’ by Jonathan Bass, found here).

Horrifying irony there.
A bully fuck — he’s jumped people, places and things that call him out as the sham he is. This week, a Twitter smack-down of Chuck Jones, a union leader in Indianapolis, and this morning, first reports he also did the same thing to an 18-year-old college student in October 2015.
Lauren Batchelder stood up to T-Rump at a political forum in New Hampshire that she didn’t think he was “a friend to women.” Duh!
Via the Washington Post:

The next morning, Trump fired back on Twitter — calling Batchelder an “arrogant young woman” and accusing her of being a “plant” from a rival campaign.
Her phone began ringing with callers leaving threatening messages that were often sexual in nature.
Her Facebook and email inboxes filled with similar messages.
As her addresses circulated on social media and her photo flashed on the news, she fled home to hide.
“I didn’t really know what anyone was going to do,” said Batchelder, now 19, who has never discussed her experience with a reporter until now.
“He was only going to tweet about it and that was it, but I didn’t really know what his supporters were going to do, and that to me was the scariest part.”

And union guy, Jones, also got the ‘scariest part‘ routine, too.
T-Rump is vain and ignorant, and his thinks in spurts of mean-spirited bullshit:

“You get a little edginess, then you have Trump — who is on a different planet in terms of how he uses Twitter,” Jen Golbeck, a professor at the University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies, told NBC News.
“He has very little delay from a thought in his brain to tweeting on the internet,” said Golbeck.

Conveying this surreal, amorphous and false  world will be a challenge to a real media — those folks who work to tell the truth — and to a public crippled by so much’s nearly incomprehensible.

In an interesting review at Poynter last Wednesday on journalism since the election, this from Ned Resnikoff at Think Progress appears to nail the head on the handling of a T-Rump administration:

Journalists need to understand what Trump is doing and refuse to play by his rules.
He is going to use the respect and deference typically accorded to the presidency as an instrument for spreading more lies.
Reporters must refuse to treat him like a normal president and refuse to bestow any unearned legitimacy on his administration.
They must also give up their posture of high-minded objectivity — and, along with it, any hope of privileged access to the Trump White House.”

In the valued warning of the late-great Ray Arnold: ‘“Hold on to your butts.”

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