Rain on Time

February 8, 2017

Drizzling rain and gray this Wednesday morning on California’s north coast — the cruising front of another ‘atmospheric river’ pounding its way northward.
The NWS reports maybe three-to-five-inches of rain across the Lost Coast today, tonight and early into Thursday.
Next glimpse of sparkling-sunshine hopefully-supposedly forecast for Saturday.
Until then…

Not only does long bouts of gloomy-gray skies create a sense of addled-brain sadness, the weather seems to hinder time, too. Continuous rain conditions makes time get warped, a bit freaky.
Especially in this age, and at my old age, a saddened Rain Hater: ‘“Angrier and less happy on days with more precipitation. By comparison, they were more happy and fearful, but less angry, on days with more sunshine and higher temperatures.”

And not just shrunken brown-eyes crying in the rain…

(Illustration: M.C Escher’s ‘Three Spheres II,’ found here).

Couple the melancholy ‘Rainy Night in Georgia‘ routine — so gloomy: “I believe it’s rainin’ all over the world” — to this time-sequence of the T-Rump, and you’ve got one fucked-up mental mess, as shit-upon-shit-upon-shit occurs in short spans, around the clock. Hardly any of it any good at all.

Weird, too, with so much shit needing care, from climate change, to ISIS on a world scale, to our own infrastructure problems, education problems, and on-and-on, T-Rump might a horrifying distraction — with climate change, for way-sure.
James Pethokoukis at The Week this morning and the real threat:

Still, America remains a democracy, at least, and the world’s oldest.
America’s founding documents are still held sacred, their authors revered.
And one recent poll found two-thirds of Americans say they value “freedom and democracy” over “security and prosperity.”
Maybe, just maybe, these aren’t the final days of the Republic.
A more likely outcome to the Trump Show is probably something far more prosaic.
Maybe we’ll look back on his presidency not as a dystopian nightmare, but instead as a total and complete waste of our valuable time.
I don’t just mean the way President Trump triggers outrage after emotion-draining outrage with his Twitter account.
The larger time-waster is this: Trumpism is built around unworkable solutions in search of actual problems.
And the opening weeks of his administration suggest President Trump has no better grip on the real-world challenges facing America than candidate Trump did.

So the time just ain’t there…

Except for the T-Rump himself. Just this morning, he defended his immigration ban bullshit during a law enforcement conference in DC, spouting bone-grinding blather, chocked-full of irony, revealing an arrogant ignorance. A sample (via Politico):

“You could be a lawyer, or you don’t have to be a lawyer. If you were a good student in high school or a bad student in high school, you can understand this, and it’s really incredible to me that we have a court case that’s going on so long,” Trump told his audience.
“I was a good student. I understand things. I comprehend very well, OK? Better than, I think, almost anybody. And I want to tell you, I listened to a bunch of stuff last night on television that was disgraceful. It was disgraceful because what I just read to you is what we have. And it just can’t be written any plainer or better and for us to be going through this.”

WTF? The president of the USA speaking…

Rainy days, and not just Mondays any more, it’s every day of the week.

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