Greenland Ice ‘Simply Melting’ But Way-Fast

January 21, 2019

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Sunshine Monday here on California’s north coast and bright skies, though, tempered by a chilled breeze, tapered only by a wind block, maybe a house or building — I walked to Safeway for the first time this afternoon in like a shitload of days it feels like, but probably less than a week.
Forecasts are calling for the same for the next week-to-10 days…

Despite all the awful, top-tier news coming out of DC, and really all-the-fuck world over, this item should be classified number-one on any list, yet most-likely won’t be covered by a lot of news outlets/sites, lessening the serious message.
We’re really, really getting closer and closer to the reality of a big-budget disaster movie.
Apparently, Greenland ice is melting faster than previously figured — according to a new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the melting has increased four-fold since 2003, making sea-level rise inevitable, and a-rising even quicker.
A report on the new research this afternoon at the Guardian:

This suggests surface ice is simply melting as global temperatures rise, causing gushing rivers of meltwater to flow into the ocean and push up sea levels.
South-west Greenland, not previously thought of as a source of woe for coastal cities, is set to “become a major future contributor to sea level rise,” the research states.
We knew we had one big problem with increasing rates of ice discharge by some large outlet glaciers,” said Michael Bevis, lead author of the paper and a professor of geodynamics at Ohio State University.
“But now we recognize a second serious problem: increasingly, large amounts of ice mass are going to leave as meltwater, as rivers that flow into the sea.”

“The only thing we can do is adapt and mitigate further global warming — it’s too late for there to be no effect,” Bevis said.
“This is going to cause additional sea level rise. We are watching the ice sheet hit a tipping point.
“We’re going to see faster and faster sea level rise for the foreseeable future. Once you hit that tipping point, the only question is: How severe does it get?”

‘How severe does it get?’

More Bevis at, also today:

Bevis said a natural weather phenomenon—the North Atlantic Oscillation, which brings warmer air to West Greenland, as well as clearer skies and more solar radiation — was building on man-made climate change to cause unprecedented levels of melting and runoff.
Global atmospheric warming enhances summertime melting, especially in the southwest.
The North Atlantic Oscillation is a natural—if erratic—cycle that causes ice to melt under normal circumstances.
When combined with man-made global warming, though, the effects are supercharged.
“These oscillations have been happening forever,” Bevis said.
“So why only now are they causing this massive melt? It’s because the atmosphere is, at its baseline, warmer. The transient warming driven by the North Atlantic Oscillation was riding on top of more sustained, global warming.”

And reports on the study at Live Science this afternoon, and at National Geographic, and even the New York Times, which also included this on the urgency:

Another new analysis suggested that the oceans are warming far faster than earlier estimates. Warming oceans are currently the leading cause of sea-level rise, since water expands as it warms.
Researchers said these findings underscored the need for action to curb emissions of planet-warming gases and avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Serious bit of news to be overwhelmed by ludicrous and dangerous blubbering of the T-Rump, or his most-talented lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, or his ass-mouth, Huckleberry Sarah Sanders, or…the list is continuous.
And malignant…

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