Trump and the Deutsche Bank: A Tale of Bullshit

March 18, 2019

(Illustration: Salvador Dali’s ‘Hell Canto 2: Giants,’ found here).

Clear and sunny Monday evening here on California’s north coast — another gorgeous day, though some coastal fog was encountered earlier this afternoon out on Manila’s beaches (the Ma-le’l Dunes) but it remained at the shoreline, Arcata and environs stayed bright, and a bit warm.

And another big story on the T-Rump and his finances, this one about his 20-year adventures with the German institution, the Deutsche Bank, which has loaned the lying asshole more than $2 billion over time. The whole scheme-financial tale is whimsy and fucked — and the Deutsche Bank is scared of public scrutiny, but too late.
The bank is now the subject of investigations by two US Congressional committees and the New York attorney general for no-telling financial what.
A good read at today’s New York Times, but will anyone take notice? There’s just some much going on already.
Main take-away from the Times piece::

After Mr. Trump won the election, Deutsche Bank’s board of directors rushed to understand how the bank had become the biggest lender to the president-elect.
A report prepared by the board’s integrity committee concluded that executives in the private-banking division were so determined to win business from big-name clients that they had ignored Mr. Trump’s reputation for demagogy and defaults, according to a person who read the report.
The review also found that Deutsche Bank had produced a number of “exposure reports” that flagged the growing business with Mr. Trump, but that they had not been adequately reviewed by senior executives.
On Deutsche Bank’s trading floor, managers began warning employees not to use the word “Trump” in communications with people outside the bank.
Salesmen who violated the edict were scolded by compliance officers who said the bank feared stoking public interest in its ties to the new president.

Read the whole thing, the Deutsche Bank people are idiots…

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