T-Rump’s West Wing: ‘This is as Close to Anarchy as I have seen’

April 24, 2019

Sunny and a breezy Wednesday afternoon here on California’s north coast — earlier, took the dogs for a run at Little River State Beach (and dunes) and although a little misty, foggy for awhile at the start, but sunshine soon broke out, and it was awesome-gorgeous.

The illustration to the left, ‘Basic Shapes,‘ by caricaturist/illustrator Chong Jit Leong (found here), is my most-favorite of all the images of the T-Rump coughed-up the last couple of years.
In that profile the basic shapes of the man is grossly obvious — puckered, bloated, vile and repugnant, embellishing a face reflecting not-giving-a-shit.

Happy he’s shitting on America.

If you’ve been paying attention, the T-Rump has started a final scenario on the art of the stonewall, and if the cards are thrown the wrong way, the outcome could mean end to the grand American experiment — concluding in a situation apparently not considered by those founding fathers — a pitiless, criminal asshole, somehow supported by 30-percent of Americans, who are just same-type assholes.as the T-Rump. He’s stupid, but his base-supporters are way-way dumber.
My sense is a goodly-chunk of Americans do not fully grasp the serious situation playing out in DC right now.
Just this morning, via Reuters:

U.S. President Donald Trump vowed on Wednesday to resist every subpoena from congressional Democrats investigating his administration, promising an all-out legal war and drawing complaints of unprecedented obstruction from Democrats.
Trump ordered officials not to comply with legal requests from Democrats in the House of Representatives who are conducting multiple investigations of his administration, with topics including Trump’s tax returns, White House security clearances and the probe of Russian interference in U.S. politics.

“We’re fighting all the subpoenas,” Trump told reporters at the White House.
Trump also promised to fight all the way to the Supreme Court against any effort by congressional Democrats to impeach him, even though the U.S. Constitution gives Congress complete authority over the impeachment process.

“If the partisan Dems ever tried to Impeach, I would first head to the U.S. Supreme Court,” the Republican president, who is seeking re-election next year, said on Twitter without offering details about what legal action he envisioned.

There are no details.
A similar note (and a good wrap-up read), from Vanity Fair last night:

The Trump administration has been forcefully resisting House Democratic probes: according to a statement from Cummings, “the White House has refused to produce a single piece of paper or a single witness in any of the Committee’s investigations this entire year.”
And the administration has only ramped up their efforts post-Mueller.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin missed yet another deadline Tuesday to hand over Trump’s tax returns as the House had requested, while the Trump administration filed a lawsuit against Cummings after the Oversight Committee subpoenaed accounting firm Mazars USA for Trump’s financial documents.
“This is as close to anarchy as I have seen,” Charles Tiefer, former solicitor and deputy general counsel of the House, told Politico.
“The administration seems to think it has floated off into space and no longer subject to oversight.”

A major loop is shit is now dicey in the courts. Just a for-instance, our Supreme Court yesterday heard arguments on whether grifter/liar/prick Wilbur Ross can add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census and from indications the Supremes will side with the grifter/liar/prick. Another GOP ploy to weaken voter turnout is the soul of this question.
Upholding a lie (Mother Jones this afternoon):

Ross lied initially about the citizenship question, saying it had been requested by the Justice Department even though it hadn’t been.
Then he badgered DOJ into requesting it.
Then he finally asked his own census experts to weigh in, and they said pretty clearly that they could get better data and a more accurate count without the citizenship question.
However, they couldn’t be absolutely, positively, 100-percent sure of that, and that was enough for Ross to hang his hat on.
If there was even a 1 percent chance of the citizenship question producing better data, then by God, the census would have a citizenship question.

The courts are pretty fucked to some degree.
And the tie-in together and the Dems with impeachment — per New York Magazine earlier today:

Notably, administration officials are not ignoring the president’s demands that they defy the law.
They are digging in on the tax returns, and likewise refusing to accept subpoenas to testify on a host of additional scandals.
The stonewalling includes congressional investigations of security clearances being improperly given to Jared Kushner, Don McGahn’s testimony about Trump’s illegal orders, and Trump’s involvement in his administration’s blocking of the AT&T–Time Warner merger — a move that looks suspiciously like presidential retaliation against CNN for its independent reporting.
Trump simply refuses to acknowledge any legitimate oversight role by the putatively coequal branch, and Republicans have closed ranks behind him.
The Mueller report is not a story about how the system worked.
It is a story of sweeping misconduct and a cover-up that may have worked.
The fear of prosecution caused many of Trump’s lieutenants to shirk their loyalty.
But that fear has dissipated now that Mueller has finished his work.
And as the task of investigating Trump’s misconduct has passed into the hands of Congress, his party evinces no fear whatsoever in joining the president’s assault on the rule of law.

Depressingly-sad the situation. And horrifying, too, considering the Democrats historical ability to fuck-up the works. The House needs to impeach the motherfucker, and sooner the better….

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