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US Back In The Climate-Change Game: Kerry Speaks To UN Summit

January 25, 2021

One of the top-notch items on President Joe Biden’s agenda is a return full-steam to addressing climate change, which under T-Rump was not just put on a back burner, but tossed-off the stove completely. In…

Pew Research Survey: T-Rump ‘Leaving The White House With The Lowest Job Approval Of His Presidency’

January 15, 2021

Less than a week away from ending four years of horror, T-Rump has a cratered-descending favorability with the American public, while Joe Biden enjoys an ascending popularity — shit stinks, a rose has a scent:…

2020 Hottest Year On Record: ‘A Precursor Of More To Come’

January 14, 2021

Although all the screaming in the news cycle right now is primarily US domestic bullshit, any emphasis on the ugly elephant in the room (not the GOP) right now, which is climate change, goes near-about…