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Current Heat Waves ‘Is Bringing Us Into Uncharted Territory’ With Climate Change

July 9, 2021

Good afternoon. Warmer-than-warm this Friday — started this post originally for yesterday afternoon, but got sidesteped by an earthquake, nothing heavy. After the excitement, the settling-down and figuring-out what to do, I guickly banged out…

Arrival Of ‘The Mega-Heat Wave’ — Part Deux: Seeing Laboratory-Research Models Come Alive, ‘Surreal’

June 18, 2021

As the fever-fiery, ‘mega-heat wave‘ continues here in California’s Central Valley and across a large chunk of the western US, the Friday news dump turned out in actuality to be sort an extension of my…

UFOs: Aliens Or Not — US Intel Can’t Say Other Than ‘Close Encounters’ Of The Baffling Kind

June 4, 2021

Nice drop to a Friday semi-crazy news dump, and who would have guessed UFOs would receive sincere appraisal from government agencies, especially NASA, but we live in all-around strange times. From Wikipedia: ‘In ufology, a…