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Arctic Ice Melt: ‘A Canary in the Coalmine’

June 18, 2019

Bright sunshine and a cool breeze this early-evening Tuesday on California’s north coast — another good-as-it-gets episode. According to the Northern California Weather Blog, posted yesterday, there’s another High pressure system along the shoreline, making…

Deleted Climate Change Testimony: ‘Heavily Biased Toward Alarm’

June 11, 2019

Sunshine and hot this early-evening Tuesday here on California’s north coast, balmy it be — the NWS reports 82-degrees right now in Arcata, and will supposedly stay way-warm until dark. Although not really what you’d…

T-Rump Averages 16 Lies A Day — Fact Checker

June 10, 2019

Still bright and warm this early Monday evening here on California’s north coast, a gorgeous sunshine day with a summer’s heat. Supposedly, 74-degrees forecast tomorrow for Arcata, triple-digits interior temps, and fairly-much the same through…