Monday down

April 30, 2007

I woke up this morning with a catch in my throat. Or maybe it was my cat, Tender Kitty, sitting on my face that made me think of George Bush’s ass. What does George Tenet, Condi Rice and Debroah Jeane Palfrey have in common? They’re in the whore business. Listening to Tenet on the Today show this morning made me want to blow chunks. The guy is trying to clean up what the world thinks of him and his little “Slam Dunk” quote that carried the US to war in Iraq. George T. (not to be confused with his self-described “kindred spirit” George B) has bloody hands – the words of another ex-CIA official – in leading this country to such a horrible state it is today. George T. lies like a rug. He’s just trying to clean is ass from all the shit George B has pumped out.

Condi then covered all the Sunday morning talk shows trying to cover George B’s ass. All she did was act like a scared, panic-striken, confused, cover-all-the-bases babbling head. Everyone knows know – everyone that has any kind of sense – that George B has dumped the entire world into a flaming, in-operative hell hole. Ironic and very sad: The first black person to be in such a position and she’s a moron!

And Ms Palfrey? She is, of course, the every-increasing public domain of the “DC Madam,” who first on her list of clients was Randall Tobias, head of the US International Agency for Development, which covers AIDs and other tricky-dicky items across the globe. Tobias, of course, resigned last week after Palfrey “outed” him. And in something more ironic than one could imagine, Tobais wanted everyone in his department sign a sexual wavier last year, living up to the hype!

Tender Kitty does not have George B’s ass!

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