Mission ‘tarded

May 2, 2007

Monday was the fourth anniversary of the now-even-more-stupid “Mission Accomplished” event that Decider George played out on the deck of an aircraft carrier. The strutting, rooster-Cogburn, Tom Cruise-like Top Gun bullshit that was, duly noted at the time, a photo op for the mentally divergent.

And on that anniversary, Democrats unrolled their own war plans act to rebuttal Decider George’s veto of the troop withdrawal bill to ratchet down the Iraqi war, not end it, of course, but just lower the American involvement somewhat – the Iraqi war will never end.

When Decider George back-seated that S-3B Viking jet onto the easy deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, the real shit started hitting the ole fan. Just yesterday, Paul Rieckhoff, founder/director of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America anti-war group, said the boots on the ground “could have perdicted the rise of the insurgency,” which started about the time those tires of that Viking touched down on the Lincoln.

Rieckhoff and his vets say Decider George screwed up big, big time.

A lot of people could have predicted the rise of the insurgency, and, according to historians and Rieckhoff, the history of such adventures always end up very badly. Vietnam is a mirror to Iraq.

And to put the entire horror in perspective, thinkprogress.org had the fourth anniversary of Decider George landing on the carrier by the numbers, and it’s not a pretty load of digits: In May 2003 only 139 GIs had been killed, now it’s up to 3,351 and counting; only 542 had been wounded, now is 24,912; then only 11 journalists had been killed, now it’s up to 167. And to show what the country thinks, the Decider’s job rating was at 71 percent in ’03, now it’s down to 32 percent. People know when they’ve been screwed. The situation has gotten so bad the Iraqi government won’t even give the UN the numbers of the dead.

Impeach, try and then hang!

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