Nature’s Twist

May 7, 2007

A landscape portrait like something out of a movie. Trees appearing as bone-people standing wind-swept across the country-flat land. Horror a mile wide at 200 miles-an-hour.

Across what once was a 1,500-populated town, Greensburg, Kansas, is a picture out of a war zone, a spot bombed in a nature-made shock and awe. The little farming community will never be the same, despite any rebuilding or anything. And the weather continues to worsen as the climate on the earth continues to shift as oil-greedy, SUV-driving, ‘Let them eat cake’ humans apparently are not ready to bite the petroleum bullet. The time might have been come and gone.

Last month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a pretty horrifying report on the situation of global warming and the effects from too much human waste. “This report no longer describes global warming as a looming evironmental crisis, but as a rapidly advancing human crisis,” so said Phillip E. Clapp, president of the National Evironmental Trust. This approaching catastrophic event is most likely worse than predicted. Stop signs are never placed on dangerous roads until a bunch of people are killed. As is in the way humanity has handled ole mother nature.

In the US, cars, SUVs and small trucks account for 22 percent of greenhouse gases. On a more stupid, endangering point (same as the old stop sign example) passenger vehicle mileage requirements are at the same level set in 1975. The IPCC report – put together by 3,500 scientists from 130 countries – creates the factual dilemma that “30 percent of the world’s species are at risk for extinction.” No pretty shit, that!

And there’s going to be a lot more Greensburgs as the earth starts to die. A start would be for the US, the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gases, that which is doing all the climate damage, to make a sharp reduction in what comes belching from smokestacks and cars. But the great Decider George has still got his head jammed far up his ass.

Despite Decider George proclaiming on the campaign trail in 2000 that new rules and regulations are required to slow down and halt global warming, after the election and in 2001, he rejected the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, claiming the agreement – signed by 37 nations including the whole European Union – would damage the US economy. Why did Decider George do such a stupid thing – oil and business. His vice president, Dufus Dick, is a cornhole, full-court-press business suckhole. And Decider George always does what Dufus Dick tells him to do.

Just last year, the idiot Decider George still didn’t seemed convinced that humans cause global warming. “The fundamental debate is (whether it’s) man made or natural,” he said. Since Decider George rarely reads, all the reports from a number of science-related organizations have all pointed to greedy, oil-grubbing humans as the cause of what is making the polar bear extinct, causing the sea to rise as the polar caps melt, making the sky over many, many, many cities turn brown and forcing life on this fragile, burned-out planet to die.

Despite some thoughts that Decider George would say something and even make a drastic policy change in this year’s State of the Union speech last January, the shit-kicker didn’t move at all. He only mentioned once anything remotely helping the cause, painting a wide picture with the phrase “global climate change.” One can only wonder at the current polls showing Decider George as the least popular president in a generation at a 28 percent approval rating – only poor, old Jimmy Carter was worst back in 1980.

The people of Greensburg and all the people of all the many Greenburgs to come should send a milewide, 200 MPH twister into the White House and flush Decider George and all his cronies down the freaking toilet.

Let’s see if the shit hitting the fan is man made or not.

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