‘FEMA’ Who?

May 8, 2007

Sometimes when we hear something on the airwaves that makes us so mad as hell, we want to reach into the vast digital optic wasteland and snatch up Decider George and anyone else in close proximity and just choke the living shit out of them. On Tuesday, an InsideAdvantage/Majority Opinion poll was released showing near 40 percent of Americans want to impeach Decider George. Soon it’ll be 60 percent, then 80 and then everybody. Incompetent, arrogant sonofabitches.

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has stated the clean-up of Greensburg, Kan., the little town totally destroyed by a Category 5 tornado this week, will be hampered because most of the National Guard equipment is in Iraq. The equipment was taken over there and left, and no replacements have been issued as the Guard is now left hurting for equipment, and men, to handle disasters of such magnitude. Shades of Katrina, heh?

And what is the government’s response. White House Spokesman Tony Snow retorted that it was the Gov. Sebelius’ fault because she didn’t fill out the paperwork correctly. “If you don’t request it, you’re not going to get it,” Snow reportedly babbled. What the hell! Take a look at the landscape around Greensburg, Tony boy, what do you think those people need? New DVD offers from Netflicks?

Same shit after Katrina. Decider George and his bunch went after Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco after she blasted FEMA and other federal agencies for the horrible fiasco in New Orleans.These guys are always trying to find a scapegoat, someone who underminded their perfect plans, i.e., when the war in Iraq goes bad, it’s Osama and his boys, the Syrians, the Iranians, somebody but them.

And to even push the message further, GOP ’08 presidential hopeful, Kansas Republican blowhard Sen. Sam Brownback, jumped on Sebelius, saying the governor should not have taken the poor Guard to task. It’s not the Guard, Blowhard Brownback, it’s Decider George and his freaked-out, failure of a war which is pulling all of the US down with it. All the equipment is in that desert, rotting, falling apart or just broke down.

One Col. Eric Peck told a Kansas newspaper the state’s Guard has only 15 of its allocated 30 tractor-trailer trucks, and only 30 medium-sized tactical vehicles when they should have 170. The devastation in Greensburg (and most likely all across the mid-west due to heavy flooding this week) require equipment of all sorts to clean up the mess. If not the Guard then who?


You’ve got to be shitting me! The new head of one of the most spastic organizations in history says FEMA has come to Greensburg to stay. FEMA trailers, FEMA ice, FEMA shit.

Decider George says he won’t visit the destroyed Kansas town until Wednesday because he doesn’t want to get in the way of the clean up operation. What clean up, you closet-headed piece of the last week’s donkey shit?

FEMA my ass!

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