‘Wolfman Don’ Corleone Part II

May 16, 2007

Today could be the big day for the Wolfman. The World Bank’s board is supposed to make a decision whether or not give him a swift boot to the ass. The nasty scandal will soon die, but the Wolfman will live on.

According to ABC News (blogs.abcnews.com/theblotter), the board on Wednesday put the finishing touches on an “exit strategy” for the Wolfman, whatever that means, but the main, freaking question is why the Wolfman is allowed any kind of “exit strategy” at all when he couldn’t figure out one for Iraq. The board should just fire his ass. The board’s also figuring out a way the Wolfman could “still save some face.”

Save some freaking face!? Does anyone seriously think the Wolfman cares? One published report this week speculated the Wolfman might get an ambassador’s post some place — Decider George could appoint him — even if he gets the can from the World Bank. Another freaking question: Does Wolfman’s girlfriend, Shaha (pronounced S-ha, ha?) Riza get to keep the $193,000 — tax free — monies. She also received a promotion for meritorious service, although most likely not for banking skills and can she keep that. What will happen to poor, old S-ha,ha?

  • Harry and the Hilton gal

In other mudane news matters, Prince Harry, third in line for the British throne will not be going to Iraq after all. Citing numerous death threats against the 22-year-old, Harry won’t be going into battle any time soon. Lt. Harry, a tank commander, was scheduled to rotate into Iraq with his regiment, but the reality won over playing hero. Although Harry reportedly was “very disappointed” in not being able to go to one of the most dangerous places created in all of the world, we would understand and forgive if the prince wept in the shower in gratitude.

Meanwhile, halfway ’round the world, Paris Hilton is getting ready to serve time in the slammer for reckless driving. She’s supposedly completely freaked out and used the smoke-screen-like “emotionally distraught and traumatized” about the upcoming jail time she couldn’t attend the opening of a $10 million lawsuit against her.
However, in real life a shitload of people go to the county jail every day for violating probation. And in real life, it’s been reported she would only have to spend between 21 and 23 actual days in jail due to state laws and overcrowding.

Harry and Ms Hilton, a coupla losers.

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